My husband and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in October.  Back in 1972 when I bought my wedding dress, I went to Waterloo, Iowa with my mother and sister and tried on gowns until I found one that had the most beautiful lace on the skirt and on the train.  An added bonus was that it was long enough for me…I was tall for then at 5’9″ and it was almost impossible to find long dresses.  That dress took me down the aisle on the arm of my father in style.

It hung in my Aunt Mary’s closet for 27 years and then it was stuffed in the back of my closet for another 11 years.  That is when we learned that our oldest daughter was to have our first grand child…a girl!  There was enough material in my dress and in Beth’s dress to make a christening gown. So, we decided to use Beth’s material and my lace.  Here is a photo of Beth on her way to meet her handsome groom.

Beth is taller than I am.  At 6’1″, she had a very lo-o-o-ng dress and she decided to cut it off to make the christening gown.  The beautiful lace from my gown would be on the yoke and on the skirt and the bonnet.

I don’t sew well enough to make a garment, let alone my most cherished grand daughter’s christening gown. But, a wonderful friend is also a marvelous seamstress and she agreed to make the dress.  I went to my local fabric store and bought a pattern. Only one problem! I bought a pattern for a baby weighing way more than what our grand daughter weighed when she was christened.  Since I did not discover this until after the gown was made, I had to take it in with a running stitch…no one knew and I guess we are ready for just about any size baby next time. Here is THE dress and bonnet.

Notice the small seed pearls which I sewed onto the skirt and the bonnet.  I also added ribbons to the yoke.  Nana had to have a small hand in the construction.  Also, I embroidered the baby’s initials on the inside of the hem along with the date.  We hope that this will be a gown worn by many babies in our family.


The weekend that we were at the christening, our youngest daughter became engaged.  The wedding planning began!  She could not find THE dress, so she decided to design it herself and have it made.  By now, all that was left of my wedding dress were small pieces and parts.  But, she had a small piece of it in the shape of a heart sewn into her dress.  Of course, that delighted me.

Here is our youngest daughter wearing her dress with just a small piece of mine sewn into the skirt.  Don’t forget to create and be happy.