Once upon a time we were moving from Orlando to Pensacola.  Our first night in town, we stayed in a rental house because ours was under construction.  In the morning, I went out to get something from the brand new mini-van…yes, those were mini-van days!  Someone had spray painted, “Ozzy Osborne,” on the side of the mini-van with red paint.  Now, there may be some who think that you really cannot do anything to make the appearance of a min-van any worse, but I happened to like the car and I was not happy!   Fortunately, after we rushed it to the dealership, they were able to get the paint off of the car.

I tell you this story because we have all probably had an experience when we have had a vandal deface something of ours. Well, my friend Becky has a daughter who was at her wits end because her mailbox had been vandalized a few times. All of this information came to me from Becky, via Christy, and I asked their permission to share with you.   I don’t know what it is about ball bats and mail boxes that make some people become hateful. Christy went out to replace her mailbox and could not find what she wanted.  But, she knew that in order to receive her mail, she would need a mailbox. Here is her solution…

Christy wrote:  “Yes, my friends, that is lime green duct tape with turquoise/purple patterned duct tape. If Martha Stewart lived in the South, her mailbox would look this snazzy.

Take care to notice the attention to detail…inlaid patterns on top, mitered edges on the post cap, and the continuation of stripes across the door…  and, in a nod to Aaron and Daddy (Christy’s father and brother are master carpenters), it’s even over-engineered (outdoor grade commercial duct tape underneath supported the whole thing).  I put a little voodoo on it by taping right over the swarm of fire ants that were crawling all over the post.”

I had a college professor who said that problem solving is the highest form of intelligence.  I think that Christy is a creative genius!

Create and be happy!