We all love to display our books and collectibles.  I have carried the same book cases with me from house to house.  The luxury of the built-in shelving pictured below did not happen for us.  I figured that since we were a Navy family and we moved so often, I could not afford to have built-ins in every house.  But, I do think that they are beautiful.  Look at the clever location of this one…in the hall flanking the entry to the dining room.  Notice the hand painted mural on the walls of the dining room.  This is a dream set up!

Showcase 2007 traditional hall

Witt Construction

This is my set of shelving.  We bought it fourteen years ago in Iowa.  It has been in my office and a family room.  Here it is pictured behind the sofa in the family room of the last house. I like to mix books with plates (naturally) and other collectibles. ( I am still looking for the fern print that you see on the top right shelf.  It is in a book somewhere within this house.)   Notice the green majolaca plates that I discussed in the  “Great Wall of China” post.  They lived here for a time.

About thirty years ago we had this book case made by a carpenter in Pensacola, Florida.  We had a television that just fit into the bottom middle compartment.  Those were the days before gigantic flat screens.  It is always a challenge to “merchandise” it.  This time, it has books in the back and my collection of turquoise pottery in front of them.  Take a look at the open book on the top.  This is the “oragami” part of my post.
While watching “Design Star All Stars” a few weeks ago I saw one of the contestants take old books and fold every page in half.  She took the bottom corner of every other page and took it up until the bottom of the page touched the crack in the center of the book.  The next time, she took the top corner of the page and brought it down to touch the crack in the center of the book.  Each time she made a sharp crease at the fold.  This is what the book looked like when she was finished.  The contestant did four of them and drilled holes in each corner of the cover and hung them on the wall as wall art.  I thought that I might do that…but then it hit me.
I wanted an arched pediment at the top of my book shelf and if I put the book on its back, there was my arch.  Not a bad use for an old book and a few minutes of my time.
I love the way this next designer has taken a matched set of shelves and put them on either side of a window….these shelves have their own arch!
Library traditional home office

Chris Jovanelly Interior Design
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