Years ago we went on vacation and I asked my wonderful neighbor to water the indoor plants while we were away.  I put them all in the bathtub so that she would have one stop watering.  When we returned, I was surprised to find that she had also watered a silk amaryllis that was in a pot on the edge of the tub surround.  I thought, “If the silk plant looks so real that it fooled my very intelligent neighbor, then it must be o.k. to use artificial plants.”  We hear from the interior designers that they stop to buy fresh flowers at the market on their way home….now that is a great idea and a good practice.  But, all of us do not have the time or the money to buy fresh flowers every week.  If you choose your artificial plants carefully, they will be a beautiful addition to your home.  In this first photo, you can see how the designer staged the sink area with artificial topiaries.

San Jose Res 2 traditional kitchen

Fiorella Design

These three topiary trees just fit perfectly beside the sink.  The one on the left was made from a styrofoam ball which is covered with dried moss, and a stick inserted into a pot.  The other two are plastic topiary balls that look very real.

I added plastic and silk greenery to an “aged” looking pot.  The idea is to put your greenery in a container that gives it substance…it must be so attractive and just the kind of container where you would find a real fern.

Here is another fern in an urn that I found at a garage sale years ago.  Real ferns are hard to raise indoors because they drop leaves and can make quite a mess.  They dry out in the winter and need lots of light and water all year round.  Fake ferns are so easy!  But, they must be fake ferns with brown stems and little touches that make them LOOK real.
I bought a pack of reindeer moss at the craft store and covered a styrofoam ball with it.  In this case, I used the U-shaped push pins, but I have used plain straight pins or spray adhesive. No need to cover the styrofoam ball below the rim of the container. This little arrangement sits in front of the mirror on my guest bathroom counter.  I think that most all bathrooms can benefit from having greenery on display.  Remember that the back side must look as good as the front when you display in front of a mirror.  In this case the material is natural, but it does not have to be watered and will stay this pretty green for a very long time.
Put some artificial greenery under a glass dome and you cannot go wrong.  This is just a single piece of green that I cut off of a larger display. I have a series of five domes on the mantle under the flat screen t.v.  By the way, the roses in these sundae glasses are made from paper.  I stuffed reindeer moss into the glass and then added the paper roses.  If you use artificial and natural material like the moss, it elevates the artificial.
Another thing that we need to give ourselves permission to do is to display a flat screen television above a mantle.  It does not have to be hidden under a painting or hide in a cabinet that has sliding doors.  This would be fine with me, but it is very expensive to have a television retro-fitted to be inside a cabinet.  We all have televisions. It is not a secret.  Don’t be afraid to show them.
Create and be happy!