I grew up in a small town in Iowa where people did not not lock their doors when they went on vacation.  There were no stop lights, and I could ride all over town on my bicycle with my friends.  We called our group, “The Sunflower Club,” and we wove sunflowers from the side of the road into the baskets on our bikes.  Almost every Saturday night of the world my mother and I would go to my Aunt Erma’s house to play scrabble.  My aunt would pop some corn and we would have a battle royal.  At first, I think that they probably humored me by letting me play.  But, as I got older, I even won a game or two.  I decided to major in English in college and this is probably a direct result of Saturday night scrabble.

While thinking of inexpensive ideas for decorating, I chanced to think of my scrabble letters.  They are perfectly formed, neutral in color, and they provide endless opportunity for fun projects.  This first picture is a basket filled with scrabble tiles.   If you are a scrabble player and you won’t use the tiles from your game, just go to the toy store and buy a bag of just scrabble tiles.  You might try putting magnetic tape on the back and you could magnetize them to any metal object in the house.

The manilla tags below were made to tell wedding guests at what table they would sit.  Notice the scrabble tiles that say, “LOVE”.

You can buy the manilla tags at office supply stores.  They can be used for a wide variety of craft projects and they are very inexpensive.

A few years ago, my friend and I spread all manner of things out on the ping pong table and glued them to manilla tags.  We were inspired by artist Sarah Lugg who made wonderful collages that were displayed on the pages of “Victoria” magazine.  I made the one below.  It uses old stamps, sea shells and fragments of gift wrap that had examples of pen and ink cursive writing.  The little price tags that are tied onto the top of each tag were dipped into strong tea to make them look old and then I wrote the words, “shell from Cuba….stamps….shells,” on them.  Scrabble tiles would make for a wonderful addition to the tags, too.  I glued them on heavy card stock and then onto mat board.

Look at the old door hinge below.  It is used as the holder for scrabble tiles that spell, “autumn.”  I think that this is pure genius.

I did not have an old hinge, but I did have the holder for the tiles from my scrabble game.  I put r-e-l-a-x on the holder.  It is a good reminder.

Even the ordinary can become extraordinary with some ingenuity and a little time.  Stretch your brain by playing scrabble and then stretch your decorating dollar by using tiles for little projects.  Create and be happy.