The Old Painted Cottage traditional dining room

by The Old Painted Cottage

Consider yourself lucky if you have an old loving cup at your house.  Maybe you or a relative did such a great job of rowing or riding or swimming that a loving cup trophy was awarded.  For some reason, I love the shape of them.  I find myself drawn to them whenever I am at an antique store or if I am shopping.  Today, I saw some beautiful ones at a fabulous store near me…”The Black Lion,” in Charlotte, North Carolina.  If you have one or more at your house and you are not using them, then you absolutely need to stop everything that you are doing and repurpose the loving cup as the holder of forks or spoons or knives as in the photo above.  Please note that you do not have to polish the cup or the flatware.  Tarnished is just as good as shiny and bright.

Now if the loving cup is engraved with your name or the name of a loved one, that is terrific.  BUT, sometimes you stumble across one at a yard sale and it has the name of someone else.  Just think of it as your imaginary relative or think that you are saving the treasure of someone’s past.  Once upon a time there was a person who worked really hard to win the loving cup and that memory should be kept alive by someone.  I found this at a garage sale many years ago.

It says, “Maryland State Junior Tennis Championship 1957 Under 15 Runner-Up.”  I have it sitting on the mantel right now with a loving cup that was shiny brass when I found it.  I spray painted it white and added a brown and white paper design that I photo copied from a magazine.  There is another painted trophy at the other end of the mantel.  When I get the mantel to my liking, I will show you all of it.

Then, of course, I found this small white loving cup that is porcelain.  When I put it under a glass dome, suddenly it looked very important!

Always remember that silver and white dishes go together perfectly. It does not matter if the silver is polished or tarnished…just add white dishes and both look better!

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by Brooke Giannitti

Now if you want a “marriage made in heaven,” then put dried or fresh hydrangea in a silver loving cup.  Here just three hydrangea heads in a silver loving cup on a bamboo stand in a bath make for a beautiful arrangement.  Here is another combination that always works:   hydrangea+silver+bamboo=fabulous!

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by Brooke Giannitti

If you have the ribbon to go along with the loving cup, all the better.  This must have been an equestrian award.

The Old Painted Cottage traditional living room

By The Old Painted Cottage

Of course, we cannot discount the trophies that may have been won for softball, baseball, or basketball.  Here is a contemporary display.  Notice the gray and chartreuse green below.  These two colors and the wood tone of the furniture are a back drop for the colorful trophies.  The color blocking on the wall could be done with any team color(s).

Kids Tennis Theme contemporary kids

When we lived in Kentucky, we were able to see some magnificent horse farms in the Bluegrass.  I can imagine that this mantel is in the home of an owner who had some very fast horses!

Medina Residence traditional family room

by Bruce Kading Interior

You can always add an orchid to your loving cup. As long as you be sure that a pool of water does not collect to wet the feet of the plant, you have a great and beautiful pot for your plant.

 Donna DuFresne Design eclectic bathroom
 Donna DuFresne Interior Design
Don’t want to put a plant or flowers in your loving cup…how about sea shells?
Zuniga Interiors contemporary living room
Zuniga Interiors
…or feathers…
Living Room traditional living room
by Nancy Woodhouse
Of course, tulips are just classy and beautiful!  This tarnished cup looks good with the dark lampshade and the dark oil painting.
Donna DuFresne Design traditional living room
Donna DuFresne Interior Design
This is my all time favorite mantel.  I want to make one just like it.  I don’t think that my sweet husband will allow me to poke pinecones and magnolia leaves around the edge of the flat screen t.v., but I can try for the rest of the look.  Maybe one day!
I will need to buy some more silver loving cups because the odds of my winning them are too slim!
by Southern Accents–Magnificent Mantels
So polish or don’t polish!  Win or purchase!  Add extra style to your room by adding instant history with loving cups/trophies!  Create and be happy.