A few weeks ago I did a post about decorating for fall.  This is the wreath that I put on my front door.  I made it several years ago…very easy with a grape vine wreath and a length of fall garland. I also added the silk pheasant feathers.   I told you that I would let you know if I added anything else.  I did!

I put one of these on each side of the door.  A few years ago I was looking for some planters for boxwood.  Every time I would find one that I liked, I thought that it was too expensive. Then, while wandering down the aisles of the big box Lowes with my GPS, I spied some copper waste baskets.  I drilled holes in the bottom and filled them with soil and box wood and placed them around my patio area.  That was at the last house. Now, I have six of these copper planters.  So, I decided to put one white pumpkin (rubber from Michael’s) and one length of silk fall leaves in each of two planter/waste baskets.  It took maybe two seconds.

In the winter I will probably put an evergreen in each one and then who knows what spring and summer may bring.  Remember, a waste basket does not have to be a waste basket. It can be a planter.  Just remember to drill drainage holes if you are going to add a plant.  Create and be happy!  And…Happy Birthday to my friend, Becky!