The beautiful girl in the photo above is my daughter’s very good friend, Ansley.  Last year a group of friends modeled wedding gowns for New York Bride in Charlotte and my daughter did the jewelry for the shoot. They carried the chair out of my Kathleen’s home and took it to this field.  I want you to notice that the beautiful necklace that Ansley is wearing has a luscious aqua ribbon tie.  I have ribbon on my mind today and want to show you some old and some new uses for it.

Here is a close-up of another necklace that uses a ribbon tie.  Kathleen Murphy Levesque designed it and was kind enough to send this photo for the post.  If you would like to see more of her pretty jewelry, you can go to her web site:  www.murphyjewelry.com or go to Facebook and look for “Murphy Jewelry.”

Now, the most simple use of ribbon on jewelry is to use it to hold up a locket/pendant.  I am sure that we have all tried this at one time or another.  Look how pretty this velvet ribbon is in the photograph below.

from Ribbon The Art of Adornment by Kniel and Wright, page 59

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by Martha Stewart…get DIY instructions on Pinterest

Maybe you have a bag of ribbon lengths that are left over from previous projects.  I think that these book marks would make lovely gifts.

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by May 3377.blogspot.com

To assemble cut velvet ribbon 9″.  Purchase ribbon clamps the same width as the ribbon.  Attach charms or jewelry.   Actually, displaying  multiples in books as in the above picture would make for a nice vignette.

Save your old bottles.  Wine bottles, soy sauce bottles or any clear bottle with a pleasing shape can be decorated for the holidays by adding a printable label from the internet and some ribbon and an sparkly pin.  These also would make nice gifts.

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by Inspired by Felicity

Here is a picture of a four legged friend, all dolled up for his photograph with a length of satin ribbon.

from Ribbon the Art of Adornment by Kniel and Wright, page63

I have noticed that cupcakes are becoming more popular.  Notice the little ribbon flags in the bride and groom’s colors on this display.  This would be a fun idea for birthday parties or maybe cupcakes for a sporting event with the team colors. Use the wired ribbon to give each flag substance and shape.

Ribbon the Art of Adornment, page 98

When you go to set your Thanksgiving table, remember this idea from Ribbon the Art of Adornment.  Two lengths of ribbon and some rosemary add texture and a nice scent to the table.  Secure the ribbon around the napkins in advance and tuck the herbs in just before your guests arrive.

I learned today that Christian Dior is showing ballet flats in his fall/winter collection.  Do it yourself with 4 yards of ribbon.  Cut the ribbon into equal lengths and with a glue gun secure one length to each side of the shoe.  Put some clear nail polish on the ends to keep the ribbon from fraying.  There is a product called “Fray Check” at most fabric stores that would probably work as well.  Wrap the ribbon and tie….very cute!

There can be beauty in something as simple as a length of ribbon.  See what you have and what you can do.  Create and be happy!