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Last year I started noticing carved wooden dolls with a “cage” skirt in many decorating magazines.  When my daughter and I were at a Pottery Barn I saw one for the first time. I was amazed and speechless and I had to rush over to touch it.  This is the way my daughters feel when they see a perfect pair of shoes.  With me, it happens with furniture and accessories!  Long story short, she purchased it for me and it appeared under the Christmas tree.

The Santos dolls take their name from the Spanish word for “saint.”  They were created for use at in-home altars  in small European villages where there was no priest or for when it was impossible to travel to church as in war time.  European Santos dolls were brought to the Latin Americas during the time the Spanish settled the New World.  Originals are rare and expensive, commanding five figures.

In the last few years reproductions have become popular with people who like the folk art aspect, the religious history, or the pleasing shape and form and the sweet expression painted on the face.  Here are some images of Santos dolls:
Santos Cage dolls, Santos

from http://www.santoscagedoll.com

vintage Santos Dolls!


Our latest Santos doll is a


Perhaps my Santos cage doll is a reproduction of this last photo.  Here is my doll:

She is wearing a gold locket that was mine when I was a small child.  Some people choose to leave the cage empty, but I have filled it with reindeer moss, stones and a pinecone that we brought home from Alaska, some turquoise wooden eggs and sea urchins that I found on the beach in Cuba when we lived there. This quarter sawn oak table came from my grandparents’ home in Iowa.  I have it between the kitchen and the family room.  It is a great place to put appetizers during a party, drop keys on the way to the kitchen,  and it is a nice round shape between two large rooms.

Sometimes, she migrates from the family room and sits in front of the shell mirror in the dining room.  It is fun to move accessories from one room to another…like getting something new without spending any money.  You get to fall in love with something all over again.

Of course, when I moved the Santos doll from the family room to the living room, I decided to move the round table back into the corner between the two sofas.  This made room for the Christmas tree which is soon to come.  It is all a domino effect!

So, if you want a challenge and some fun, try rearranging accessories in your own home.  If that is not enough and you don’t want to go to the gym, then just rearrange your furniture!  Create and be happy.