Last weekend my husband attended a business meeting at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia.  While he was busy in his meetings, I roamed around “America’s Resort” and took photos of the spectacular public rooms.  They were decorated by the famous Dorothy Draper after World War II.  Carlton Varney worked with Ms. Draper and he took over for her.  What you will see is a seamless combination of their decorating styles.  The key word is color!

First, here is a look at the outside of the 700 room hotel.

When you enter the hotel, here is the first thing that you see.  This entry level has stairs going down to registration and stairs going up to the main lobby. Notice the blocks of color.  The phrase, “Go big or go home,” seems to fit this hotel.

The upper lobby almost takes your breath away it is so beautiful.  The ceiling height with multiple arches,  the black and white marble floor, and the color scheme with turquoise and red is stunning.

Window treatments in the hotel are floral and of course many match the upholstery.

If you turn right and follow a hallway from the main lobby, you will enter the light filled Trellis Room.

This is the place where guests read their morning paper and have a cup of coffee. Here you will find one of the many carved fire places.

The Trellis Lobby also has many tables and chairs so that you can write or play board games.  Notice the  fabric choices and the tall windows.

Just off of the Trellis Lobby is a green and red sitting room….one of my very favorites.

It features a huge convex mirror that hangs over another ornate carved fireplace.

There is plenty of Greenbrier stationary available…remember when people actually wrote letters and put them in the mail?

Now, if you were to turn left in the main lobby, you would see this urn between two doors.  Note the striped paint on the walls and the emerald green leaf patterned carpet.

Take this hall and turn left to amble down toward the Main Dining Room.

During WWII the hotel was a hospital for wounded military.  This is the space where they ate their meals but it did not look like this!

The Cameo Ballroom is considered by many to be the most beautiful room in the Greenbrier.  What do you think?

Below is a photo of the lounge area next to the indoor swimming pool.  The indoor pool is on the far side of the hotel…in my next post I will show you more of the pool area and rooms that are “off of the beaten path” along with chandeliers and wallpaper that are beyond words!

I hope that you enjoyed my little tour of the Greenbrier and that you will come back for a look at more pictures.  Until then, create and be happy!