In my last post, I showed you the public rooms of the Greenbrier Resort.  They were filled with large scale furniture, urns, curtains, rugs and COLOR.  Today, I want to telescope in on the attention to detail that surrounds you when you are there. Let’s start with the beautiful chandeliers.

This is the center piece of the cameo ballroom.  I do not have the dimensions, but suffice it to say that it is more than seven feet wide!  Note the plaster molding on the ceiling.

In a hallway just off of the Cameo Ballroom hangs this pink chandelier with crystal prisms and rock crystal droplets.

There is a room adjacent to the main lobby where this beauty hangs.  Sorry that my photo is a little out of focus, but I think that you can enjoy it all the same.

When I took the tour of the hotel, the docent told us that this pagoda chandelier came from an antique store in Philadelphia.  However, it will soon be replaced by one that hung in the movie, “Gone With the Wind.”  I hope that they will relocate this one to a place where people can continue to enjoy it.

In the background you can see what appear to be red walls.  Actually, they have been stenciled by three artisans who were brought in from Europe.  Here is a better view of what the walls look like.  Remember that it is not wallpaper.

These chandeliers hang in the Main Dining Room. They are ten years old and were designed by Carlton Varney who is the decorator for the Greenbrier.  He had them made in California but when they were hung, he thought that they needed more color.  So, they added the green prisms.  The clear crystal chandeliers that you see in the background were original to the hotel, 1913.

Believe it or not, one of the things that some people do at the Greenbrier is to look at the ladies’ rooms.  Each one is unique with special wallpaper and light fixtures.  The above picture is from the Cameo Ballroom’s ladies’ room.

Just outside of the Main Dining room, this pink and black ladies’ room awaits.

Chocolate brown and cream wallpaper in ladies’ room off of another ballroom.

Rhododendrum wallpaper in hallways where guests stay.

Cabbage yellow rose wallpaper in our guest room.

Inset into the dark green wall off of the Cameo Ballroom are multiple busts of Revolutionary War notables. They were up so high, I couldn’t tell for sure, but I think that they are made of plaster.

Note the huge bow used as a valance on this arched window.  This is just one of maybe six in this reception area.

There are arches and walls painted in stripes in many areas.

I loved this cabinet with blue and white porcelain and the Chinese Chippendale work on the cabinet along with the yellow back.  You can just barely see that there is chicken wire in front of the porcelain.

This carved mirror and pier table are set against an apricot painted wall in the Princess Grace drawing room.

This painting was done many years ago by a New York unknown artist.  Prince Ranier chanced to see it while it was being painted and he suggested that the artist add the silver hand bag and the medals on the red sash.  He bought the finished portrait and took it to Monaco.  The artist did this reproduction of his original and it is hanging at the Greenbrier.

This shell in relief spans the top of a wide doorway.

As promised in my last post, here is a photo of the lounge area beside the indoor pool.

…and here is the actual pool.  The tile on the sides and bottom are original to the building.

I hope that you enjoyed your little tour of the Greenbrier.  Lessons learned may be to not be afraid of color, to have a statement piece in your own room at home, and that old world luxury can still be so nice.  Create and be happy!