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When I was a child my favorite tv program on the black and white console tv was a program called, “Millionaire.” Every week a wealthy man gave away one million dollars to a deserving family or person.  The program would then show what happened to the recipient(s).  Have you ever wondered what you would do with a sudden windfall of cash?  If I did, I just might be tempted by the property that I am about to show you.  It belongs to actress Reese Witherspoon and it is on the market for a cool ten million dollars.

Reese Witherspoon is one of America’s sweethearts.  Her girl-next-door good looks has made her a favorite movie star.  But lately, it seems that her estate in Ojai, California is almost as popular in design magazines. I read about it in design magazines, and see it on multiple blogs.  So, I decided to show it to you.  If you had a cool ten million dollars, you could purchase the seven acres which include home, stables, and out buildings that were first restored by designer Kathryn Ireland and later sold to Reese Witherspoon.  She has owned the property since 2007, but now she is ready to sell.




photos courtesy of coolhousesdaily.com


Living Room

Living Room




Fireplace Seating


Horse Stables


The weather would be perfect and the property would be so relaxing, like being on vacation all year.