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In between work and shopping there is always decorating for the holidays. Without much time and for pennies you can add something pretty to the house by using an old faithful…glitter!  I like the silver, tarnished silver, or silvery gold the best!  Martha Stewart has some nice selections, but there is plenty of glitter at stores like Michael’s from other companies.

I  found some nice examples of very basic glittery decorations.  You can do them yourself with a can of Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray (available at Michael’s).  I found that putting the item in a cardboard box avoids over spray and when you sprinkle on the glitter, it is contained.

Rose Garden Romantic Home traditional dining room

by Rose Garden Romantic Home

This photo is very French.  Note the glittery stars and the Eiffel Tower and sign, “Paris.”

2010 Christmas Decor eclectic family room

by Mustard Seed Interiors

Cardboard letters have so many applications. You could spell out, “Christmas,” as in the picture above or words like, “Joy” or “Noel.”  Down load letters from the internet and then trace around them onto poster board and cut and glitter!

  Finishing Touches- Junior League of Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula Holiday House Tour
by Jill Asher
It is so easy to spray the glue onto pinecones and sprinkle with glitter.  Put them on the table as in this picture or hang them on the tree.  Note the silver and white color scheme.  The narcissus are so nice…I have already planted mine so that they will be in bloom for Christmas.
Atherton Holiday House Tour traditional dining room
by Jill Asher
Happy Shiny Holidays  living room
by Seaside Interiors
Gold glitter should have its day, too.  Try looking at the dollar store for items that you can easily spray with glue and then glitter.
Pinned Image
by valleyandcolifestyle.com
Here is a photo tutorial for putting glitter on clear acrylic balls. You can paint them with a white glue or use the spray adhesive.  These would catch the light and be so pretty on the tree.
Pinned Image
Look how pretty glittery pinecones are on this tree.  They will last for many years.  I still have one that our daughter did in preschool.
Of course I had to try a project of my own.  I found darling glittery reindeer at my dollar store.  It had the glitter on it and was shining when I bought it.  How easy is that?
I had to decide if I should hang the two that I bought in a tree, from a light fixture, or  from the latches in two windows.  Then, I learned the trick of epsom salts.  When you pour them into a clear container, they look like snow.  So, I bought a box, put some in a glass hurricane globe and added the reindeer and a sprig of greenery.
Before I put in the greenery, I had added the same candles that are usually in the globes, but I think that I like the greenery better.
I had to try one more project.  With some coffee filters, old earrings or buttons, glue, glitter, and paper doiles I made these.
Notice that I also sprayed glue onto my hydrangea and then sprinkled them with the same glitter that I put on this coffee filter star.  The center is an orphan earring that belonged to my mother.
Here is an ornament with a button:
The process to make these white stars is very simple:
1.  Iron five coffee filters.
2. Fold each in half.
3.  Fold each in half again.
4.  In your mind, see the imaginary line that goes from the point straight up to the arched top.  Fold each side into this imaginary midline.  You will have five tall triangles.
5.  With scotch tape, tape the five triangles together in the center to form a star.
6. Use the spray adhesive and glitter to cover the star.  Use as much or as little glitter as you like.
7. Gather one more unironed filter in the middle with wire or string to make a pom pom, cut off the pointed part below the wire or string.
8. Using a glue gun, secure the pom pom in the middle of the star.
9. Cut as many shapes out of a paper doily as you like and secure with glue or tape under the pom pom.
10.  Add the earring, button, or decoration of your choice.
11.  Remember to look in a mirror and brush the glitter off of your face!
Create and be happy!