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I know that you would enjoy seeing the White House decorated for Christmas.  Actually, once upon a time I was invited to help put up the decorations but one of our daughters was home with a bad cold and I was unable to go.  The Navy Wives’ Club was invited that year to help put ornaments on the trees.  The displays that you will see there are much too grand of a scale for your home or mine.  However, I want to show you some of the most beautiful decorations that you can adapt for your own home.

Here is a stunning photo of the South Lawn and the Truman balcony with a gigantic wreath that is covered in white lights.  It would be possible to wrap strings of white lights around a wreath and suspend it from your porch or window. Notice the garland and the wreaths that are suspended from red ribbon on the inside of the windows.

The trees outside of the Executive Wing are also wrapped in white lights.  Just magical!

These wreaths that have been covered with pinecones and suspended from this satin ribbon are just wonderful.  You could buy a real or artificial wreath, spray pinecones with artificial snow and then wire them into the wreath.  The natural look here would be very easy to introduce into most any home.

The banner on the tree is a nice touch.  Also notice the Christmas cards that have been put into a holder and placed on the round table.

Of course the White House bakers worked for endless hours to create this replica of the mansion and then they added the Obama’s dog out front.  Maybe you could do a gingerbread house and then add a small replica of your pet. I saw this gingerbread house on the morning news today so perhaps it is in the White House this year.

This boxwood swag would be easy to make.  Clip boxwood and wire it to rope.  Add ornaments and some artificial fruit to give it more color.

white house christmas4 Merry Christmas at the White House

It is easy to find pinecone ornaments.  The twist here is that they hung them in a cluster.

The first year that George and Laura Bush were in the White House, Mrs. Bush worked with the floral designers to make this spectacular display for the State Dining Room.  The green and white color scheme with snowy trees, crystal and silver ornaments, and white tulips is beyond perfect.  I think that this was my favorite design ever!

It would be fun to put a swag over a painting as they did here over this painting of President Lincoln.  If you don’t want to add a full swag, then just tuck some fresh greens at the top of a framed picture or a mirror in your home.

Of course, you and I bring the tree home in the family car or truck.  The White House tree rates a more ceremonial entrance.

Mothers who have lost children in the war are called, “Gold Star Mothers.”  This tree is dedicated to them.  Hopefully you are not a Gold Star Mother, but perhaps you would like to display medals belonging to a grandfather, husband, son, daughter on your tree or maybe under a glass dome on your side table.  Hang a pair of baby shoes or a baby rattle. Found objects are lovely when they have a sentimental attachment.

Notice the lovel tree skirt and ribbons on this tree.

Yards of blue ribbon have been used to drape gracefully from the branches on this tree in the blue room.

Children of all ages would love to try a delicious cookie!

If you have an urn or two on your porch, use branches and white lights to get this spectacular look.  Put pea gravel or floral oasis in the urn and poke the branches in for a secure hole.  Add the white lights and enjoy.

Note this tiny tree on a table in front of the window.  The official portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy is on the right. This is a tree that could fit into your home or mine.

Ideas from the People’s House can be adopted in your home.  Create and be happy!