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Most of us have the Christmas tree down by now.  If you had a “real” one, then you may have it by the curb awaiting the garbage man.  Here is a thought.  Why not cut some greens from it and make a beautiful container garden in one of your pots.  The mums in them died last November and now they are bare and waiting for the spring mix that you so long to plant.  Here are some pictures to demonstrate what I mean:

via canadiangardening.com

I notice some juniper, eucalyptus, and magnolia.  You could also add twigs and maybe a little holly.

I think that the beauty of this idea is that you can maintain a welcoming entry outside your home with greenery that will stay nice in the current cool temperatures of a four season climate.

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Maybe you are lucky enough to know where there is curly willow by a stream.  You can  buy it at flower shops or farmer’s markets.  The one above is especially pretty.

via:  canadiangardening.com

This pot is filled with red twig dogwood.  It makes a beautiful sculptural presence in the black pot.

via:  phillipsgardens.files.wordpress.com

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Maybe you have a window box that is looking very empty right now.  Try adding greens to it.

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Here is a lovely one with hydrangia and pinecones…think I may try this in my pots by the front door.  I will omit the crystal snowflake and just use the natural materials.

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Here is one that is more stylized.

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Use ivy in a winter pot.

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Ivy is hardy in most climates and it softens the arrangement.

winter containers

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Use simple twigs and some reindeer moss from the craft store.  You have the option of leaving the prisms or removing them after the holidays.

birch logs in a container

via:  Studio”g”

Create and be happy!  If you add some birdseed and peanut butter balls to the mix, you can make the birds happy, too.