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Our family has been waiting impatiently for March to come since last summer when Kathleen won a contest, “The Southern Designer Showcase,” sponsored by the Belk Department Store.  It is the nation’s largest family owned department store chain and they celebrated their 125th anniversary in an unusual way.  They invited designers from the South or who had ties to the South to submit their work for judging.  In the end, fifteen designers of everything from handbags to clothing and of course jewelry, were chosen to have their work in selected Belk stores in MARCH!

Yesterday Mike and I went to our local Belk and we saw it!  There in the case right next to a big name jewelry designer, right in the front of the store was Kathleen Murphy Jewelry.  I taught her coloors when she was a little girl, so I had a hand in it too!  Mike snapped some photos with his camera.  Of course, I want to share with you.


This picture was on a card that sat on top of the case where her jewelry was displayed.  I love the picture…she looks so professional…of course she is wearing Kathleen Murphy Jewelry.

Then, the same photo was on several banners around the store.


Sorry that this is blurry.  I will go to the store later in the week and take better pictures.

Now, here is THE picture of her jewelry inside of the gorgeous case at Belk’s.  She has many pieces and I will take a photo of each design, but I just had to do this now.  This is big! This is really big!


So, I will leave it at that until I get back to the store to take more photos.  But, I would like to add what I think is an important point from a mother’s perspective.  When you are a mother, you do your best to teach your children right from wrong. You help them learn to read, help with homework and you hold your breath while waiting for the college acceptance letters to arrive.  You pray over them when they sleep and you worry about them when they are out of your sight.  Any success, no matter how minor is a huge acheivement to you.  In the end, when it is all said and done, having your child do well at anything is more important to you than if you had been the one to do well. So, when I say, “I am proud of you Kathleen,” I couldn’t mean it more.  Your years and years of hard work have all come together in this “instant success.”

No matter what you attempt, create and be happy!