My hands are silver and brown from paint, but I have a very good reason.  Kathleen bought an oval mirror for the downstairs bathroom in her new home and she did not like the color.  She wanted one just this size but the only mirror she could find that had the right dimensions was black.  Problem was that she wanted a silver mirror.  I volunteered to give it a coat of paint because she and Patrick are so busy right now. Here is what it looked like before I started the process. It was made out of plastic, but you cannot tell that unless you tap on it.


My first thought was to spray paint it, but if I did that I would have lost the relief made by high and low places.  So I decided to buy a product that I have used many times before.  It is called, “Rub N Buff.”  The product is available at big box hardware stores and craft stores and it comes in European Gold, Antique White, Ebony, Pewter, Silver Leaf, Ruby, Spanish Copper, Turquoise, Sapphire, Pearl Blue, Amethyst, Patina, and Ruby. In general, I have found the golds and silvers on the shelf.  Other colors might have to be ordered. This product is a wax metallic paste.


I did one coat of Rub N Buff wich I applied with a brush and a paper towel.  You need just a small amount of it and once it is on the object, spread it out with a soft cloth or paper towel. A little bit goes a really long way.  When I finished with that step, the whole mirror was silver…too silver.  Even though I had left some of the black to show in the low areas it did not look aged or wooden. I was trying to match existing sconces that hang on either side of where the mirror will be.  So, I had to tone down the silver.  I wiped on some dark brown craft paint using a brush and a rag and this is what I got:


I will wait until I get it over to the bathroom and add as much brown paint as I need to tone it down more if that is necessary.  Here are the sconces that we are trying to match:


I think that they are more silvery than they appear in this photograph, but I won’t know until I am in the house. As I told you in an earlier post, Kathleen and Patrick are building a home and they are planning to move into it sometime in June.  I will take you inside for a look at the beautiful space just as soon as I can.

This weekend our entire neighborhood is having a garage sale.  For me, it is tantamount to going to Disneyland!  I will entertain you with tales of the big sale in my next blog post.  One day, I am just sure that I will find a copy of the Declaration of Independence under a funny picture.  Don’t laugh…it happened.

So for now, create and be happy!