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These botanical ferns really appealed to me since I am a confirmed “fernatic.”  However, the  green velvet sofa with nail head trim may be the prettiest thing that I have seen all day.  The word, “sumptuous,” does come to mind.  I think that it is enhanced by the grouping of twelve botanicals which are hanging over it.  I noticed that there are more prints framed and hung in much the same way in an adjoining room.  When you have many prints of the same subject matter, it is good to hang them in a grouping like this.  Otherwise, you would need a gigantic wall….they make a real statement this way.  A problem could arise when hanging them because they must be evenly spaced.  If all of the frames are alike, the problem is less difficult.  Just measure the distance between hangers and make sure to have a level.   But I digress.  Look at this beautiful room.

Dress Up Your Walls With Botanical Prints | Sarah Barksdale Design

Sarah Barksdale design

The earth tones are punctuated by the spectacular green velvet sofa.  The globe and brown and cream oriental carpet and the suede ottoman with leather tray would appeal to a man who does not want to live in a frilly room.  But, the velvet sofa appeals to a woman because of the softness and the great color.  The botanicals carry on the “natural” theme that is reinforced by color.

If you are lucky enough to find a calander devoted to botanical art you can frame it very inexpensively in frames from someplace like the Dollar Store and hang them in groupings as was done above.  If the frame needs to be another color just use spray paint.

The next room was last featured in Vogue.  It happens to be in an estate belonging to Tory Burch.  On the far wall are six botanicals that are framed and hung three over three.  Nothing in this room is “matchy-matchy,” but many botanical prints which are on the wall, the sofa fabric, the chairs, all go together in a very pleasing way.  The proportions of the large room make it possible to have at least two sitting areas.

Living Room of Tory Burch as seen in Vogue

As much as the Tory Burch room is a riot of color set in a white room, this next room features twenty-one botanicals in a room that has subdued blues and creams.  I think that it is just beautiful….do wonder however about that ceiling light that is way over to the left?

Dress Up Your Walls With Botanical Prints | Sarah Barksdale Design

Sarah Barksdale design

The next room features a moth or butterfly botanical print on the mantel and some sea shells in at least two octagonal frames to the right of the mantel. It is a nautical inspired room with cream and blue and a great blue and white striped carpet like the one in the famous Somethings Gotta Give living room.


I found this little antique moth print on eBay along with many others with all kinds of subject matter.  I have even seen snake prints….don’t think I will be getting one of those any time soon.  Although, this morning I was cleaning the front porch and I found a discarded snake skin that had blown up onto the porch and lodged under a banister.  I am telling myself that it blew up there!

Botanical prints are wonderful for sunrooms.  You might as well bring nature inside this way! This room looks very clean with green and white and a sea grass carpet.


Last weekend I went to another community garage sale and found these six fern botanical prints.  I hung them in the guest bedroom.  In the middle are majolica plates with embossed ferns.  The wall was so expansive and the lamps are so short, the two tall frames helped finish off this area.  When I decide to find a new comforter, I will probably go for a neutral white or cream and add green and white and burlap pillows for texture.



When you were in grade school, did you have pull down maps?  Actually, they can be quite valuable today IF you can find them in reasonable condition.  Below are some botanical charts which may be reproductions.  They make quite a statement.

Bedroom. Peacefull & calm. contemporary bedroom


My white Scandinavian home. Splash of colors. Old & new. Always in change. contemporary living room


These botanical prints have been mounted (maybe decoupaged) onto wood.  This would be a great idea for a screened porch. Hopefully these are reporductions of antique prints.

Dress Up Your Walls With Botanical Prints | Sarah Barksdale Design

Sarah Barksdale design

I found this botanical print of thistles on Pinterest.  It is a subject matter that you do not often see, but I think that the detail and colors are beautiful.  Botanical artists have such an eye for detail.

Want to purchase antique fern prints from eBay?  These were available when last I looked.  From experience, I have learned that if you buy prints this size, you cannot just put them into ready made frames….the eight by ten opening is going to be too narrow and not long enough and you may end up spending quite a bit on custom frames if you want them matted.

Here is a solution for the problem of having special mats and frames made for antique prints.

Go out into your yard and cut some plant material, put it in or under a heavy book and let it dry. Then carefully mount it to paper and frame it. This would be a great project for you and a child…they can be very lovely.  You can secure the plant material to the paper with white mounting tape or carefully paint the back side with a small artist’s brush dipped in white glue.

dry framed actual plants

These antique dry mounted plants have turned a brown color over the years, but the shape and textue are wonderful.


Earlier, I did a blog about transferring images onto dictionary pages that I had through my printer.  I framed them on top of some brown craft paper….here is one.


Not all botanical inspired rooms are my favorite. This one may be too botanical for even me.

All things in moderation, like in this room.

Energy House traditional bedroom

That leads me to another of my favorite subject matters….shells.  As well as being a fernatic I am a “shellnatic.”  These shell prints are very typical of the prints you can find in shops and on sites like eBay.

Tobi Fairly Interior Design

Bring the outside inside.  Embrace nature.  Create and be happy!