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Every now and then I come across a photo that makes me do a double take because there is something about it that seems unusual to me.  These wonderful images come from Rooney Robison Antiques tumblr page and from Pinterest.

The message is that you don’t need to always follow what we might think of as the “rules” of interior design.  If you like something and you believe that it is beautiful, then why not put it into your home?  Enjoy these ideas!

Katie Couric’s bar set up on an antique drum.

Old Bookstore in Vancouver

Bring the inside out…and then bring the outside in…

photo Christy Ford

I have seen shell encrusted busts before, but this is the first with an antler!

vintage bean bag chairs by blanaid on Etsy


And my husband thinks that I have too many chairs!

This Great Wall of China is larger than mine.

modular cushions by Smarin designed to look like rocks


naomi devore

Create and be happy!