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Recently, I came across this great idea for a desk.  What is unusual is that the sides are wire baskets….maybe the kind that you use to burn trash.  I think that this would give someone a really great desk/work table for not so much money.  This got me started on some research to investigate other novel desk ideas.  First, here is the idea using the wire baskets.  It is a contemporary desk which does not seem to take up much space.

The top could be a piece of painted wood, an old door, or panel from some home improvement project.

If you have lots of money to spend and you want a really special desk, then look no further than Restoration Hardware.  Any airplane buff or pilot would probably love a desk like this one.

This aluminum desk from Restoration Hardware would probably be as indestructible as you could find.

Recently, I saw a steel desk at a local thrift store.  It was only $15.00.  I thought how great it would be if it were sand blasted to make it look new and then used in a room with a contemporary chair.  Here is a desk very similar to the one that I found.  My husband had many desks like this one at United States Naval Hospitals around the world.

I think that the steel desk looks good and it is undoubtedly useful what with the great storage.

The next desk is quite simple….two steel filing cabinets with a wooden board on top.  These filing cabinets are very nice looking, but you could use painted ones for the same purpose.

Oregon Coast Home contemporary home office

Jessica Helgersen Interior Design

I did a double take when I saw this next picture.  Buy tables and cut them in half.  Paint them the same color and put wooden cleats onto the wall to hold them in place.  While I am not sure that I like this arrangement, it is worth thinking about!

via Ginny’s Art

The builder of this next desk connected plumbing pipes to form the base.


from Apartment Therapy

Don’t discount the usefulness of two saw horses and a wooden door.  It does have a contemporary look and provides lots of space.  You could add stacked baskets for storage.  The drafting light that is clamped onto the end is also a good idea.

from:  creativehomeoffices.com

The same premise was used for this glass and metal “saw horse” desk.

Chateau Elan Legends contemporary home office

Here is the same idea again, but with two industrial looking stools, nice area rug, and baskets of blue prints and framed sea shell prints.  This looks like a creative office.

Adeeni Design Group

This is not the desk where you would want to sit all day every day, but the large corbels and glass make a really nice writing desk.  It would be nice in an apartment or other small space.  Take the chair away and you have a nice table for the entry.  Add the chair and it becomes a writing desk.

I saw this idea for a children’s desk/worktable.  It may be a genius idea!

Who says that a desk cannot be covered with fabric?  There is lots of storage underneath and you would not have to keep it neat.

Here is the most famous desk in the United States.

It is known as the Resolute desk.  The desk was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880.  It was built from the timber of British Arctic Exploration ship Resolute.  Presidents since Hayes have used it in various places in the White House, but it was Jacqueline Kennedy who found it in storage and had it put in the Oval Office where it continues to be used by Barack Obama.  Franklin Roosevelt had a small door built for the gap to prevent people from seeing his wheelchair.  Below is a famous photo of John Kennedy, Jr. peeking out through the door while his father was working.


If you don’t have a desk, then find a way to make one….not too difficult and the rewards of haivng a dedicated work space will be great.  Create and be happy!