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Jessica Simpson has become a brand what with her clothing and shoe line and of course she is a very popular entertainer.  So, when I saw photos of her home in California on the Cote de Texas site and HGTVFrontDoor.com I was interested.   What would a music star/designer’s home look like?  I expected it to be glitz and glam with a contemporary edge.  It could not be farther from that description. You can see for yourself.

Home Exterior

It is a 5,500 square foot home in a private enclave in Beverly Hills.



The inviting entry is extra pretty because of the hydrangea…one of my favorite flowers.

The living room is Shabby Chic at its best.



Living Room

Rachel Ashwell’s company recently did the design for rooms in Jessica Simpson’s home.  First, she did the nursery and it was so successful that she was asked to do other parts of the house.  Let me tell you an interesting story about Rachel Ashwell and me.

Rachel Ashwell skyrocketed to fame with her “shabby chic” decorating.  You might recognize her here:

I bought a copy of her first book and studied every page.  I tried to emulate the white on white rooms with hints of pastel and with antique furniture. I hung linen napkins over a curtain rod for a valance and bought white pottery and cut crystal.  Rachel started the whole shabby chic craze all by herself with this book.

Fast forward several years when I was in Chicago on a business trip with my husband.  We were riding a shuttle from our hotel to a restaurant with a group of business associates.  What to my wondering eyes did appear but Rachel Ashwell’s new store in a brownstone.  Amazingly, the bus pulled over at our destination….a restaurant just across the street from the store.  “I have to go see the Shabby Chic store!” I thought to myself.  Alas!  We went into the restaurant and were shown immediately to our tables.

In an uncharacteristic display of bravery, I whispered to my husband and then told the people at our table, “I am so sorry.  Please excuse me.  I need to go to make a telephone call.”

I went out of the restaurant, crossed the street, went up the steps to the brownstone and entered the glorious store.  There was a young lady with a British accent in the front room and she offered me a glass of champagne.  She went on to tell me that the store was celebrating the grand opening and I was more than welcome to look around.  I thanked her and went on toward the back of the store when it suddenly hit me…..the young lady was Rachel Ashwell.  I had just spoken to interior design royalty.

I enjoyed the store and had to tear myself away to return to the business dinner just in time for the salads.  Best phone call I ever made.

But I digress.  Back to Jessica Simpson’s home.


The home has a gourmet kitchen and it opens to a lovely courtyard.




Dining Room

The dining room reflects the shabby chic feel of the home.


Above is one of five bedrooms in the home.  This bath has charming crystal chandeliers, another hallmark of shabby chic.


And here is the nursery, the room that started the Ashwell/Simpson interior design relationship.


Painted furniture that is distressed is another shabby chic element.  Notice the pink day bed.

image_thumb500I love what appear to be silk taffeta drapes in one of the bedrooms.



Isn’t the heated lap pool beautiful?



The courtyard features white lights all year and a koi pond.


Rachel Ashwell also decorated for a birthday party that Jessica Simpson had in her back yard.



I am told that this house is on the market because Jessica Simpson has purchased the home formerly owned by Sharon and Ozzie Osborne.  Maybe that will be a post for another day.


When I first started this blog, I did another entry about  a very small home that was done in shabby chic style.  Let’s revisit because when I began blogging only ten people were looking in and I know that there are new viewers who would enjoy this.


20TuesdayNov 2012

This post is for all of the dreamers out there.  You know who you are.  You hold on to the thought that one day you will start your own business.  Maybe you always wanted to take a trip to the South of France and you dream about what you will see and do when you are there.  Perhaps you dream about the house you will have one day or the car that would just make you feel so special.  I think that we all dream.  We may not be dissatisfied with our lives, but it is just plain fun to have a dream or two.

Years ago I was watching the television and I saw the most wonderful tiny house.  It is the little place where dreamers need to go to have really big dreams.  I remembered it because it was so unusual.  Then the other day I saw photos of it on Pinterest and my interest was rekindled.

It belongs to a woman named Sandy Foster and it is located in the Catskills in New York.  The cottage is only 9′ x 14′ and was made from an old hunting cabin.  The cost of renovating and furnishing it was $3,000.00.  Ms. Foster did all of the work herself.  She hunted salvage shops for old windows with wavy glass and found an old porch door in the shade of hunter green that was once used on boarding houses in the area. She used a jigsaw to create the gingerbread trim.

Ms. Foster has had some difficult times in her life and she knew that she needed a place to dream and think.  I’ll bet that when she goes there she is thankful for her family and for her tiny house and the things that are important to her and that make her happy.

Enjoy the photos!

My Shabby Streamside Studio traditional garage and shed

Sandy Foster - My Shabby Streamside Studio traditional living room

Loft traditional bedroom

Loft traditional bedroom

Dining Room traditional dining room

Mantle traditional living room

Next is the pantry in the tiny house.

Pantry traditional kitchen

It does not have a bathroom or a kitchen.  What it does have is style and presence and loads of charm.  The house was decorated back when Shabby Chic was THE decorating trend.  If you would like to learn more about Sandy Foster and her house, you can visit her at: www.myshabbystreamsidestudio.blogspot.com

Most of us do not have a building that we can renovate or land where we can build.  But, you can carve out a special place for yourself in your own home. Maybe it is a small corner in your living room or on a screened porch.  I think that you need to have a comfortable chair, good light, and quiet.  Robert Frost said, “Home is the place that when you go there, they have to take you in.”  I will paraphrase that and say, “Your quiet place is the place that when you go there, you just have to dream.” Add a bouquet of flowers, some soothing music, scented candles, books, and photos of your loved ones.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog addition from the past.  It might be interesting to note that Jessica Simpson has the shabby chic house on the market.

There you have it….shabby chic!  Whether you are Jessica Simpson or Sandy Foster, you should create and be happy!