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The lowly burlap has taken a back seat to finer fabrics for generations…that is until in the last five years when the country French decorating phase became so very popular.   I added two burlap runners to the dining room table a short time ago.  They were very easy to make.  Just pull a string right at the place where you need to cut and use the line that the missing string makes as your guide to cut a straight line.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Last weekend, I added a square of burlap to the wrought iron table on the front porch.


Some people have made beautiful curtains out of burlap…at .around $3.50 per yard at local big box stores, it is a most economical fabric for curtains.

The burlap rosette below is used as a tie back but it could also be put on a pillow.

Burlap curtains - Rose Tie Backs Burlap pillows anyone?  These handmade cross stitch pillows are really cute.

from http://www.littlebeachgallery.com

When you work with burlap, you will experience lots of loose fiber flying around.  It is probably best to cut it outside for an easier clean up.  The maker of the following pair of curtains folded the fabric back on itself at the top and sewed a rod pocket.   The ends were fringed in the part that was folded over and the sides and bottom were hemmed.  For just a few dollars, the look is wonderful.

Burlap curtains with fringed valance.

For craft projects, why not add burlap around a candle holder?  Tie it on with a piece of string that has been pulled from the fabric.

Burlap around.....

Make silverware holders.


via ETSY

So, when you are thinking of a creative project, don’t forget lowly burlap. Create and be happy!