My husband and I were attending a meeting last week in Las Vegas. There were a great number of meetings, receptions, dinners, but we truthfully had no desire to gamble.  So, while my husband was attending his meeting on Sunday, I went with a group of spouses to volunteer at Feeding America.

Feeding America has as its mission statement, “To feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and to engage our country in the fight to end hunger.”

When we arrived at the warehouse, trucks had already left to visit local grocery stores to “capture” food that was almost out of date and/or unable to be sold. Our job was to sort through boxes from the grocery stores and place like items in huge cardboard cartons. Later, other volunteers and staff would pull items from the cartons to make packs of food that would go home with hungry people.  I noticed that there were dozens and dozens of bags of chips but very little protein.  We were told that the protein needs to be purchased.

We started with a tour of the huge warehouse and then each of us was given the opportunity to fill one sack with food that was to be placed in a child’s backpack the following Friday.  Many children go hungry on the weekend…Feeding America helps teachers be able to quietly slip food into backpacks for them.  Filling backpacks for children is the number one most popular job for volunteers!

One in six Americans is fighting hunger.  Please check to see if there is a Feeding America food bank or another helpful food bank in your community.  If you have some free time, please volunteer. Consider making a donation. I was  told that .95 of every $1.00 is used for food.  The “amber waves of grain,” mentioned in “America the Beautiful,” need to feed all Americans.

Please help feed hungry people and be happy!