For the longest time I have been admiring photographs of rooms with oil paintings of people.  These portraits are interesting to me.  First, you can look at them and try to figure out when the person lived by the style of dress or the way the hair is fixed.  There are often clues from the furniture that might be in the room.  I have resisted hanging any in my home with the idea that they are not MY relatives. (The real reason may be that I do not own any!)  Still, they were someone’s family and perhaps I should rescue one and add it to my family.  Here are some examples of the pretty rooms I have been admiring.


Portrait in Oil

I would love to have a painting of the grandchildren.  This one is charming.  Of course, it would be very nice to have at a beach house!

25,000 SF of Luxury traditional living room

 Would you hang the next one in your home if you did not know the beautiful little girl?
Portrait in oil
The only portrait that I have in my home is a copy of one that was done by artist Mary Cassatt.  I think that her work is divine.  This one reminds all of us of our youngest daughter when she was a child.
Free Do It Yourself Oil Portrait Lessons - Learn how to create your own canvas portraits by following online demonstrations by top artists. ( Painting: Mary Cassatt, )
Next, is such a grand room and the paintings seem to be period with the furniture.  How lucky you would be if you had inherited family portraits for your home.  If you have some and they are in the attic, why not put them in a more public room?
Ardrossan traditional dining room
vuaL  eberleindesign
Dining Room traditional dining room
The feeling is decidedly French in this Charles Faudree room.
Charles Faudree dining room
Ralph Lauren Living Room Console 1853-21 - Greenbaum Interiors ...
via:  ralph Lauren
You might like to hang a portrait of your favorite pet.
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Of course, the English manor houses have taken hanging portraits of ancestors to another level.
Simicity counts
The simplicity of the woman in the painting is echoed by the simplicity of the room.
John Singer Sargent, oil portrait
Above is a painting by John Singer Sargent who is a master American portrait painter.
I am going to watch for an oil that “speaks” to me.  When I do, I will share with you.
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