I can remember in the fifth grade you were the “chosen one” if you were allowed to clap the erasers.  The chalkboard was both hated and loved.  I hated it if I had to do math problems in front of the class.  I loved it if I got to erase, clap the erasers, or draw pictures. Is it nostalgia? Lately, I have noticed that chalkboard paint is making an appearance in many home décor ideas.  I am planning to buy some just as soon as I find an old globe to paint.  Why an old globe?  I saw one painted with chalkboard paint and thought that it looked terrific.  Here are some paint ideas.


Paint over a picture you don’t like or just a board and add it to a frame.

Framed out board with blackboard paint.


Paint a feature wall in an office, kitchen, utility room.  My neighbor painted a long wall in her kitchen and she puts wise sayings on it.

Need to get blackboard paint

#3  Paint some rocks (no kidding) and use them as place cards, reminders, etc.

Tablet rocks

#5 Paint jars or bottles for attractive storage.

Storage | Glee: GIFT IDEAS: diy

#6  If you have a tarnished and/or spoiled silver tray, paint the flat part.

old plate with blackboard paint love that!

Blackboard paint on $$store trays

#7  Paint a globe.  I plan to leave mine without chalked in lines. The first photo is on an actual slate antique globe.

Blackboard paint on an outdated globe

globe with blackboard paint

#8  Paint flower pots.

Leuk voor bij de deur buiten, je eigen huisnummer

#9  Paint the inside of cabinet doors to recird a list or message.

Blackboard Paint great idea for grocery lists, calendars, reminders. etc

#10 Paint small boxes.

Blackboard paint on tin

#11  Paint over an old mirror for an ornate message board. If the mirror is broken or gone, you could paint the backing and still enjoy the frame.

Get an old mirror and paint blackboard paint over it.  Then you have your own chalkboard.

#12  Paint a serving dish.

Use blackboard paint to create your own perfect cheese plate.

Did you know that you can buy a chalk pencil or pen?  If you choose to buy one, your lines can be cleaner and finer.