Most of us are in the deep freeze due to the winter storms.  I thought that you might enjoy a brief respite and the chance to enjoy these photos of the lavender fields of Provence from Pinterest. If you have some lavender scented soap, hand cream, or real lavender in the house, you might want to go and get it first!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-!



Distilling Lavender:   LOccitane en Provence

Provence, France

beautiful lavender fields

Lavender fields, Provence, France.

Fields of lavender | Provence

Provence - Lavender fields.

Fields of Lavender in Provence, France

the beautiful light of Provence

provence lavender fields

I hear that the fields bloom in June.  Someday, that is where you will find me.

Create and be happy and stay warm!