First, we welcomed Tabitha Rose, our very first grandchild.  We thought that she was the sweetest baby in the world.  She is growing up to be interested in learning, dinosaurs, and she tells funny jokes.


Then, we welcomed Tabitha’s brother, Simon Murphy.


Simon is growing up to like cars and trucks and ribbon.

We were thrilled to have a girl and a boy who were perfect in every way.  But then, along came Amelia May.

Amelia 9 wks old

 There was just one problem.  Tabitha and Simon live in Chicago and Amelia lives in Charlotte. It just would not do!  Last weekend, the problem was solved.  Amelia was baptized so Tabitha and Simon came with their parents to see her.  Here is a picture of the day that our grandchildren met for the first time.

amelia, tabitha, simon

I think that they really like each other.  In fact, Tabitha told us, “I just love baby Amelia.  She loves me!  I can see the look of love in her eyes.”  Well, Tabitha, you might look into my eyes because you will see the same look!

Have a wonderful day!