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My family and friends all know that one of my most favorite places on earth is Seaside, Florida.   I am in the mood to go there again.  Actually, I am always in the mood to go there.  Since that is not possible right now, I thought that I might “visit” by looking at some beautiful vacation rentals.

This first one is part beach house, part Victorian Savannah home, and completely wonderful.  I have grown tired of spare decorating….by that I mean sometimes “more is just more.”   I do not know the owners of the property and I am not publicizing the home for any reason other than I think that it is so pretty.  If you think so, too, you can find more information about it at VRBO.com#259633.   (Vacation Rental By Owner)

The rental site says that it is just blocks from the beach.  Actually, I wouldn’t need to go to the beach!

The porch would be my destination.

Or, the bedroom which is done in shades of white would be just as fine.  I wonder where the circular stairway leads?

The natural light must be so lovely in the early morning.  I am not an early morning person, but for this house, I would set the alarm for an early wake up.

The claw foot tub is such a generous size.  I wonder if it is a vintage tub?

The eclectic furnishings say, “Come on in and put your feet up.”  Note the high ceiling.


This looks like a charming Victorian inspired bath.  Note the interesting shower/tub area.

I love the amoire that appears to be banded with bamboo.   The transoms continue to let in natural light.

This room would be perfect for a daughter and son-in-law!

I think that the next room should be for our two grand daughters.  Maybe I would have to stay here, too.

A girl should have an afternoon nap on this hammock.

You might arrive needing a massage, but you wouldn’t need one when you left!

Our oldest daughter, the tree hugger, would love this porch.

I understand that some people go to Seaside for the beach and not the architecture.  Here is what awaits about 600 feet away.



Once upon a time our family went to Seaside and rented a home.  This photo of the Tupelo Pavilion was taken by our daughter.

seaside photo with chairs

I’ll leave you daydreaming of sitting in one of these Adirondack chairs enjoying a cool breeze.

Create and be happy.