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Every now and then I get the yen to look at real estate. I guess it is because after 17 moves I have an internal real estate clock that says, “It is time to look at houses.”  There is really no need to actually do that anymore because we have declared our current home as our forever house.  But, the internet does afford a girl a look at some beautiful real estate.  The good thing is that price is no issue because I am not going to buy anything.  Timing is not important.  We don’t have to sell a house first or choose a good day of the week to look.  I started at the high end of the range and I found two interesting properties right here in Charlotte.  What I found interesting about them is how they are staged.  You know about staging from watching the television.  There are companies that do nothing but staging.  They take an empty house and make every room drop dead gorgeous.  Of course staging comes with a very high price tag.  I hear statements like, “…only $15,000.00 to do the staging. ” If the property is on the market for three million dollars, then maybe it is a good idea to do everything that you can to make it look as fantastic as possible.

The next two properties look to me like they are staged with the owner’s own furniture.  However, in the first example, all extra accessories have been taken away.  I remember when we went to sell our last home, the realtor sent a stager to my house to advise me.  One of the things she suggested was that I take the picture of our family away from the place of honor over the living room mantel.  I refused.  The house sold anyway.

I knew that real estate experts say that a buyer needs to be able to see his family in the house and not your family.  However, there was something about removing the picture of my family that just did not work for me.

This home is on the market for 4.7 million dollars.

The moldings are substantial and the colors are soft and neutral.  I am not sure about animal skins on the floor…I know that they are a decorating trend, but  they are not for me.

There is one photo over the mantel and there are two jars on the high boy.  Rather than lots of art and accessories, it is very edited.

The stripes in the entry and the landing are very well done….I wonder if it is paint or wallpaper?  I love what I think to be a botanical chart over the hall table.

The arched window and the paneling and fireplace make this such a gracious room. I love the crystal chandelier and the portrait of mother and child.  Sea grass on the floor is a nod to a more casual look.  The crystal and sea grass are great together because the one elevates the other and the seagrass makes the room less formal.  I think that I may like sea grass here better than a heavily patterned oriental carpet.

Do they cook in this kitchen?  Everything is out of sight except for one bell jar on a stand.  No coffee maker, toaster, knife block, cutting board….they must all be behind the cupboard doors in the background.

The cupboards, the sea grass carpet, and the brick on the far wall make for lots of texture.

This must be the family room and the colors are still soft and inviting.  There is a lamp and one piece of art on the coffee table.  Otherwise, it is fairly minimal.  The plaid rug takes your eye everywhere, so maybe it is a good idea to keep the rest of the room calm.

I would love to have such a large study with built- ins for books.  Another animal skin on the sea grass…maybe it is faux?

Two bedside table lamps and a couple of items on the right hand mirrored bedside table give another edited appearance.

Here is the other end of the room which I think must surely be the master.

The back of the house and the dovecote with snow on the roof are charming.  A dovecote is a structure intended to house doves.  Of course, this may just be a charming out building that could house lawn equipment.

The next home in the same area of Charlotte is on the market for $1.5 million dollars.  It looks to be more of a quintessential Southern family home because of the way it is staged.

The leaded glass entry with two matching tables has the dining room off to the left and the living room off to the right.

From the child’s portrait, to the gracious mantel and the oriental carpet, the room is Southern!  It looks as if things have been collected over the years.  There are layers of accessories here that look like they have been collected for generations.

The dining room with dramatic red walls is perfect for a large family gathering.  The gallery wall between windows is well planned.

The next room must be a sitting room or the family area.

As in the dining room, it features plates on the wall and there is an animal print carpet.  The book shelves feature many items that more than likely show the personality of the home owners.

The kitchen has a few more items on the counter than in the first home, but not that many more.


The chandelier in the center of the room is beautiful and makes for a very elegant master bedroom.

What a nice window that lets in lots of natural light over the dressing table.

This may be a guest bedroom.

I love the two twin beds on each side of a window.  One of these days, I may do the same in our upstairs for the grandchildren.

Below is a room that features a nice place to drop off things as you enter the house. The covered baskets cut down on the look of clutter.

There is a lovely brick patio outside.


What do you think?  Would you be more inclined to purchase a home that had reminders of the family that lived there on display?  Or, would you be more inclined to buy a home that was owner non-specific and was very edited?

I mentioned a botanical poster in the hall of home #1.  We had similar ones in biology class.  At the time I did not find them attractive but now, I think that I would like to own one. Consider this a mini-blog within a blog!   Here are some botanical contenders:

Botanical chart Hazelnut Genuine vintage school print Paper on linen, Copenhagen. £135.00, via Etsy.

found on etsy

Pull down map Genuine vintage school print Paper by BonnieandBell, £135.00

Here are some rooms where this type of chart has been used:

Create and be happy!