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I have long admired botanical posters like these:

Oversized Botanical Chart and Navajo Style B&W Pillow traditional-living-room


Bedroom. Peacefull & calm. contemporary bedroom

What I did not admire about them was the price that you must pay!  Last weekend when I was looking around at a store named, “Gracious Interiors,” in Waxhaw, N.C. I saw some beautiful wrapping papers that reminded me of the botanical posters that I love.  I came home without any, but in the middle of the night….and I do mean the middle of the night, it struck me!  Why couldn’t I make botanical charts out of the 27″ x 20 1/2″ gift wrap?

The next day, I drove back to Waxhaw.  Don’t you just love the name!  I bought these papers from this wonderful shop…Gracious Interiors:

botanical 4

botanical 8

botanical 10

botanical 11

Although they are intended to be wrapping paper, each one is a little gem in its own right.  I stopped at a big box store on the way home and bought dowel rods, twine, and wood stain.  I could have used the dowel rods in their natural state, but I thought that I would like the finished charts better if they had dark dowel rods.

botanical 7

First I cut a 48″ wooden dowel rod in half.  Then, I wiped some dark walnut stain onto what were now two rods after lightly sanding the ends.  The most difficult part was waiting for the stain to dry.  I really don’t have a great deal of patience.  The weight from the bottom dowel pulled the wrinkle out of the middle of the paper.  It had been hanging over a rack in the store and paper has memory.

I attached the paper to the dowel with an ordinary stapler and tied a piece of twine to each of the ends at the top.  I wanted the finished product to look a little rustic….like it just came of the wall in Mr. Scott’s biology class.  I didn’t have the courage to distress the paper by flicking paint at it or spilling tea to make a stain.  Then, they would look old.  This first one is hanging on an oak armoire in my family room.

botanical 9

botanical 6

botanical 5

This was a really fun way to spend just a little time and for under $6.00 per poster.  Create and be happy!