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It has been quite a while since I have posted an entry.  Reasons have been multiple.  I thought for a while that I would not do this any more. Period!  But, with the encouragement of readers who have signed up to receive my blog every time I post one and because of my desire to share truly beautiful things with you all, I have decided to have another go at it.

Today my sweet husband and I made a trip to Provence in about thirty minutes.  How can that possibly be you ask.  It all started several days ago when we were in Charleston, South Carolina.  I was wandering the historical district while my husband was at a meeting.  It was 11:30 and I asked a shop owner where I might go for a nice lunch.  She sent me to Gaulart and Maliclet Cafe Restaurant on Broad Street with the caution that I should go early because, “…it gets very crowded.”  I found a charming French cafe with no tables, just counter space with stools.  The special was gazpacho, watermelon slice, and an open face sandwich with ham and cheese.  I added a glass of sweet tea.  What else could I want!

Next to me were seated two lovely ladies from Columbia, South Carolina.  We chatted and during the course of the conversation they told me about a lavender farm mid way between them and where I live in Charlotte.  I have wanted to see the lavender fields of France for many years.  The possibility of seeing lavender in bloom in June not too far from my house is what carried us to La Bastide de Lavendes in York, South Carolina today.

The following is published on their web site:

The farm is open for tours only at selected times. Although we could not enter the amazing grounds, I was able to take these beautiful photographs from the road.

lavender 10 (2)

lavender 14 (2)

lavender 15 (2)

lavender 8 with bee (2)

lavender 16 (2)

From the website, I found additional pictures that make me want to throw caution to the wind, scale the fence and invade the property! That will never happen but I am planning to take one of their workshops as soon as possible.  Photographs courtesy of sclavender.com.

This is the Citrus and Lavender Garden.

The Venus Garden:

The Oak Garden

The Miniature Garden

The Shade Garden

La Tramontane Garden

The Herb and Well Garden

The Courtyards Garden

La Baiassiere

As you can see, it was Provence in South Carolina.

While in Charleston, I took this photo of the most beautiful window box:

charleston window box) (2)

I can’t help but notice that the color of the wall is very similar to the color of some of the walls of the house at La Bastide de Lavendes.

To see a video of this most beautiful property, go to:  www.sclavender.com

Create and be happy!

Next time, I hope to show you some of the historic homes in Charleston.