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Sometimes the “stars” align and you get just the picture that you want.  So it is with the one below.  The landscaping is glorious because of the rows of blue hydrangea in matching pots.  But then the magical happened and the peacock strutted into the picture.  At least that is how I imagine it because I did not take this beautiful picture that was featured in Veranda magazine.  I do, however, want to share it with you.

First, here is the picture of the lane in Georgia.

But then, the peacock made his appearance.

Are you kidding me?  Could anything be so beautiful?

Of course, the next question that comes to mind is, “If the garden is so glorious, what does the house look like?” In Americus, Georgia a self-taught antiques expert, Furlow Gatewood, has an architectural imagination.  The fact that he is 92 years old has not stifled his energy or his ideas.  He calls the house Peacock House.  First it was built as a greenhouse with dirt floors.  This happened because he bought two Gothic columns at an Atlanta flea market.

In this month’s Veranda Magazine designer Furlow Gatewood exhibits his ‘Country Flair’ in this enchanting room that was once a green house.  We are delighted that he chose le gracieux's Regello in 'Bay on Soft Blue' to cover the arm chairs, it compliments the hydrangea plants around which the house is designed, beautifully.

Veranda Magazine - I LOVE this room.


Veranda magazine, blue and white with neutrals

Then, of course, what happens when a white peacock struts in front of an out building on the estate?

White Peacock by Valentina Gatewood

image by Valentina Gatewood

peacock white

Just beautiful!

peacock hydrangea

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