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One is at the beginning of his career and the other is nearing the end.  One lives in a condo in uptown Charlotte and the other on an estate in Denver.  Both are excellent athletes who will be participating in the Super Bowl 2016.  Cam Newton and Peyton Manning worked hard enough to earn a place in sports history.  The list of their awards goes on and on.  But, when they go home to relax, what might their surroundings be like?

According to Carolina Multi List Service, Cam Newton bought a condo in a high security building in uptown Charlotte.  His neighbor is Michael Jordon.  The pictures below appeared in the listing when Cam purchased the condo.  According to reports, the furniture was also available.  Maybe he bought it and maybe he did not.  However, look at the photos and you will get a sense of what he liked and what he bought.

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Here is a photo of Cam arriving in California for the Super Bowl.  It is hard not to notice the Versace pants!

He has reportedly teamed up with the Belk Company to launch his own clothing line.


Peyton Manning reportedly purchased this home in 2010.  Photos are from the Colorado magazine, Mountain Living.  The photos were taken from a multi-list and published in the magazine. Again, the way the estate is actually decorated is probably different from what you see here, but you can get an idea of where Mr. and Mrs. Manning call home.

Peyton grew up in New Orleans in this home situated in the Garden District.  His parents still call it home.

Enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday!  We will see which player has the best quarterback style!