When I saw the exterior of this home, I imagined that it was very colonial inside.  There were probably lots of quilts, colonial furniture, wallpaper with small print, and maybe a large fireplace with cooking tools made from wrought iron.  I was wrong!  At least one of the people who lives here must be a decorator or maybe he/she has one on speed dial.  Although it looks like it is in New England, this home is actually on ten acres in North Carolina.  It is for sale!

The woodsy setting adds to the charm of the home.  Are there any outside clues to tell us what might be inside?

The sisal runner on the stairs, contemporary print on the wall in the foyer, and nicely styled table with mirror and lamps might be the first clue.

Follow the brick floor to this amazing family room at the back of the house.  The beams were painted white to match the ceiling. Zebra print chairs are a nod to more contemporary style.  The furniture arrangement is perfect….every square inch of space has been used to perfection.  This room would hold a lot of family and friends without seeming crowded.

It may have once had dark paneling but was painted white and perhaps the once red brick fireplace was painted white and the mantel and French door trim were painted black.  Someone who knew what they were doing chose the color scheme.

The dining room is an eclectic mix with just enough woodsy accents to let the room fit into the surroundings and the exterior of the house while at the same time dining chairs that nod to more contemporary lines.  Notice that the windows have been left uncovered and you can see the pegs used to hold the trim together.  A picture light was mounted on top of the book case…attention to detail is terrific.

I just love this kitchen.  From the gorgeous ceiling to the brick floor, everything in between is just right. Instead of a granite covered island, a farmhouse table serves as the island. It looks like a marble slab has been laid on top of the island….matches the countertop in the right foreground.  The clear glass shades on the light fixtures are in keeping with the home and the “vibe.” They give off a warm glow. This is a friendly house that invites you to come in and relax. With a wink and a nod it gives you lots of eye candy to keep you happy.  Notice the stainless steel sink with the raised edge.

The neutral colors, stainless steel high end appliances, and glass front cabinets are so perfect.

The ceiling in the powder room has a beam….love the mirror with antiqued glass and the anatomical chart of a horse.
The chandelier adds sparkle which a powder room always needs.

O.K.   There is  wooden goose, but just look where it was placed.  The different patterns on the bed linen were assembled by someone who knows how to do it right. There is a quilt but it is layered with a large scale leaf patterned coverlet and a pillow with fabric roses.  I find this bedroom just charming and a relaxing place with country/contemporary style.

I am guessing that this is the master bath.  Looks like seagrass is on the floor in front of the vanity.

Do you think that the home owners love animals?  I see dogs as well as large farm animals. You can see a dresser with faux bamboo in the left foreground.

Children’s bedroom?  Notice the wide plank pegged floors under the striped area rug.  This is a room that would grow with a child.

The colors in the room are taken from the fantastic area carpet.  Notice the ledge that goes around the perimeter of the room.

I am not sure what this out building is for, but I imagine that it either is or could be a fun place to work or hang out. Since there is a fence that connects to either side of the front, perhaps it is a barn.

If you are in the market for a new house, please remember not to judge a book by its cover.  What at first glimpse might seem to be a New England colonial is fresh, country post and beam construction with a contemporary edge and is,in one word, “stunning.”

Create and be happy!