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I look at a lot of homes on the internet in order to bring you what I think are some really pretty ones with good ideas.  Sometimes, I just scroll through them at a rapid rate because they do not catch my interest.  But last week, I was looking at the blog, The House of Turquoise, www.houseofturquoise.com, and I came to a screeching halt.  The blog featured a beautiful home that is owned by Christen Bensten, author of another blog, Blue Egg Brown Nest, http://www.blueeggbrownnest.com.  Each room was more enticing than the next and the ideas included there were wonderful.  So, with a salute to the blog that brought me the photos and the blog that owns them, please enjoy.

The palette is my favorite:  cream, turquoise, a light sand color, and it is all mixed with sea grass for texture, linen, and burlap.  Yum!

This close-up of the tray on the round ottoman shows the attention to detail that the homeowner brings.  If you had this old wooden tray, would you think about displaying it in the center of the living room with watercolor brushes, some old books, and a piece of art pottery? If you have a tray tucked away in a cupboard, take it out and accessorize.

I believe that this chest was painted with chalk paint.  It has the flat finish and the soft pastel color of chalk paint.  Plus, Annie Sloan, the owner of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, comments on the good job that Christen has done.  Notice the glass cloches with bird’s nests and how the painting matches the curtains.  The Santos doll reminds me of one I have in my dining room.  Here:

The dining room with the linen upholstered chairs, trestle table and rope wrapped chandelier has all of the elements to make it the popular French style.  Note the weathered shutters leaning against the wall and another chalk painted chest between them.  I wonder if Christen wrapped two rings to make this charming light fixture?

Find some sheet music at a flea market, or maybe inside of your own piano bench.  Put it on the color copier or frame the original….makes for beautiful art that is neutral enough to go in any room.  Maybe you know a song that is very sentimental.  Why not frame the sheet music?

The neutral décor with turquoise accents continue into the living room.  The French doors bring in lovely natural light.

Small Room Design

The collection of botanicals is hung in a very tight group….quite stunning in this room.

There is a reason why the frames are touching each other and why they have hinges. Here is genius at work:

Small Room Design

I like the rugs on each side of the island.  The color wouldn’t show soil and the texture is nice.

The window seat and farm house table, ladder with grain sack, wooden dough bowl, and antique chairs are charming.  Notice how the curtain is one piece of fabric that has been rolled up from the bottom and tied with ribbon on each side. So easy to make and so attractive!  Also notice that there are several different types of wood here.  The floor, chairs, table do not match but they blend so well.

White on white with lots of texture and a touch of turquoise make the master bedroom so relaxing and very country French.  This looks like a very comfy bed.

I could see myself on this chaise.  Notice the stack of books in the ceramic container….you do not always have to use a wicker basket as a container.

Small Room Design

Need extra storage?  Add some vintage suitcases beneath a bench or stack them under a table. Note the twigs on the sconces.  Now that the fall season is upon us, bring some twigs inside and see where they “land.”  I think a room is better when it has a touch of nature.


Above is a vintage suitcase stacked on top of a chicken coop.  There is a drawer from a treadle sewing machine, two more small santos figures, some preserved boxwood,  and a wire basket with a moss ball and books also holding some leafy branches.  If you have a large foyer, why not add a small table to display things that are dear to you?  They do not have to be a dear price, but they should set the stage for what your house will look like.

Thank you to Christen Bensten  and Blue Egg Brown Nest for showing us this beautiful home.

Borrow from the wonderful ideas and bring something new to your home today. Create and be happy!