When we purchased our home it had a beautiful screened porch behind the kitchen.  We used it for maybe one month every year.  To echo Goldilocks, it was either too hot or too cold and seldom just right.  In the spring it was covered with pollen and in the winter I looked at it through the window.  That has changed!  We now have a new four seasons room and I can sit out there any time I want.  Before I have the big reveal, I want to show you my inspiration.  I decided that this would be a room that is very neutral.  If an object is not white, off white, light gray, or beige it may not make the cut.

I have been looking at these beautiful neutral rooms.  The first one is from Joni Webb and her wonderful blog, Cote de Texas.  This house is in Maryland.


I love the sisal rug, the cream upholstery, the touch of blue and white, the light walls.  I know that it is a living room and not a sunroom, but this is the look I am after.  Once upon a time I thought that you couldn’t mix whites in the same room.  I was wrong!



I printed a picture of the next model room right after we started the project and I have referred to it so many times the paper is getting worn.  You will see a similarity between this room and the one above.

Living - Room - Den - Family Room :: Good bones in a house. COTE DE TEXAS: DEAR MISS COTE DE TEXAS:

I don’t have a fireplace in my sunroom….maybe I’ll find a mantel and make a faux fire place on the back wall. 

Then, just as soon as I found the two rooms above and decided to do a neutral room, I found this photo of a porch that is owned by designer Tory Burch.  Something about it really spoke to me. I fell in love with it.  I could sit here and admire the room forever!

The two designs have several things in common.  Both have sisal rugs, blue and white porcelain, French doors.  But one is colorful and the other is not.  What do I do?  I have thought and thought.  Maybe I should do a room that is a little of both?

Well, I made up my mind and I am working on styling the room as I type.  First I look at a picture and then I run into the sunroom to tweak it a bit.  I think that I have one purchase to make before the grand reveal.  Do you think you know what direction I went?

Create and be happy!