After listening to television reports and reading newspaper articles about shootings, robberies, and famine, it is tempting to think that the world is a terrible place.  I found some really good guys last weekend and I want to tell you about them.

Our grandson, Simon, was visiting from Chicago with his family.  Because it was his second birthday on Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated all weekend.  We started with a feast on Thanksgiving, had a party and gifts on Friday, and finished with a field trip on Saturday.  It wasn’t just any field trip, but a trip to the local fire station.  Simon is enthralled with anything that has wheels.  Fire trucks happen to be way up on the ladder of things with wheels.  I knew that he would like to see a real fire truck, up close.

I rang the bell at Station 32 in Charlotte while the rest of the family waited in the car and the fire chief answered the door.
“If you aren’t too busy, do you think that you would have time to show my grandson a fire truck?  It is his birthday,” I said.

“How old is he?” the fire chief asked.

Upon hearing that he had just turned two years old, he said smiling, “You just bring him in.  I will get everyone to greet him!”

A man of his word, the firemen were lined up in the hall when Simon entered.  They wished him a “Happy Birthday.”  Simon’s eyes were big and he knew that he must be someone very special when the firemen (and one lovely fire lady) greeted him.

Simon and the rest of us were ushered through the station and out to two shiny red fire trucks and one big rig.  The tires on the trucks were taller than Simon. There were more guages than I could count.  The chrome gleamed.  He was lifted into the seats of the fire trucks and he sat there in amazement.

simon at fire stationI think that I know what these firemen do in order to keep us safe, but I am sure that I really do not.  They risk their lives and do not ask for credit for themselves.  Last Saturday they put one little two year old boy ahead of what they were doing and shared their fire trucks with him.  I thank them for Simon and for our family.  As I see daunting headlines, I will remember the really good guys!  When you see a fireman or a policeman, please take the time to say, “Thank you.”  They are true heroes!