I know that Halloween is over and you have probably eaten or given left over candy away.  It is onward to Thanksgiving now.  Before we completely close the book on Halloween, I just want to show you three good costume ideas.  If I don’t do it now, I may forget by October 2015.  Here is Amelia dressed as a Cabbage Patch doll.halloween amelia

First came the knitted wig that was made by Amelia’s paternal grandmother.  It got our daughter to thinking about using it for Halloween in some way.  Then came the candy corn dress made by Amelia’s Aunt Beth.  That cemented the idea to do something Cabbage Patch related in my daughter Kathleen’s mind.

She found a box and cut the opening, painted it yellow after consulting the Cabbage Patch Kids website.  Green duct tape was used to line the edges.  Did you know that duct tape comes in many colors and patterns these days?   There is even a contest that awards a prize to the person who makes the best prom dress out of duct tape.  That is a story for another day.

Next, it was time to download the Cabbage Patch logo and print it on a color copy machine.  Finally, it was time to print the letters and glue them on to the box and attach it to an umbrella stroller.  It is cute, it is safe, and Amelia liked strolling around with a cup of Cheerios in her hand.  Kathleen had to add a chin strap to the wig because Amelia wasn’t a big fan, but once she got into the spirit of the evening, she forgot about that.

Way up the road from us in Chicago two wonderful grandchildren got in the spirit of Halloween, too.  Daughter Beth, the one who has become quite the seamstress, made matching dresses for her and her daughter, Tabitha (as well as the one she sent to Amelia).  They were candy corn!  Here is almost five year old Tabitha in her candy corn dress.  Isn’t she sweet?  (That is a pun, but also the truth!)


…and here is her mother in a matching candy corn dress along with brother Simon dressed as a lion.  Their Daddy is dressed as a daddy.  In this photo Tabitha is wearing her “Frozen” dress.



I think that I would like to have a candy corn dress.  Or, maybe I would rather be a lion?  It truly is quite a decision.  Then again, perhaps I could be a Cabbage Patch Grandmother wearing a candy corn dress and riding in a wheel chair while holding a stuffed lion.  We may be on to something.


Create and be happy!

Create and be happy!