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If I was selling a house, I would certainly want the photographer who took the picture below to photograph my property.  It almost looks like a painting. Of course the architecture of the home is what causes us to look twice.  The home was built in 1921.  It was designed by William Peeps (1868-1950), a renowned English architect.

William Peeps seen here was an English-born architect,and a key figure in Charlotte’s early 20th-century development into a regional business hub and center of architectural activity. Working in a variety of styles and with an elegant and restrained touch, Peeps designed some of the city’s finest downtown buildings as well as numerous residences and other buildings in Charlotte and a few other towns. According to George W. Hamilton’s 1928 publication, William H. Peeps, A.I.A., Architect, “In addition to the designing of many of the homes, the decorations and furnishings have also been handled by Mr. Peeps,” a role that reflected his early training and experience in furniture design.

This home which was designed by Mr. Peeps, is on the market for $2,795,000.00.

The side porch has these wonderful arches and they act like a frame to highlight the landscaping.

I dream about a stairway with stained glass windows on the landing.  Do you like the paneling and grandfather clock juxtaposed with the zebra lampshade and the sea grass?   It looks like you ascend steps once inside the front door.

The formal living room has the taffeta drapes, period chandelier, crown molding, and a carved marble fireplace,

A crystal chandelier takes center stage in the generously sized dining room.  The French doors would be lovely closed or in the open position as you see them here. The dining room is on one side of the raised foyer and the living room is on the other side.

I must say that the deer head is a surprise.  This less formal room must be used for relaxing, reading, and maybe for watching television.

I am thinking that this is a man’s study.  The arches on the book shelves remind me of the brick arches on the side porch and the gold leaf ceiling casts a nice glow.  The owner must be a hunter….note the bear skin rug.  The sea grass carpet makes the room less serious.

I am not sure if the next room is the butler’s pantry or the kitchen.  I do love the glass front cabinets and the light fixtures.

This has to be the main kitchen with huge copper hood over a gorgeous range.

A lovely breakfast room just off of the kitchen separates the kitchen from the dining room.  Note the color scheme that is carried through the house.  I wonder if the corner cabinet is original to the home?

Here is a photo of the stained glass windows from the upstairs landing.  Hardwood floors are continued on the second story.

This master retreat seems to have a sleeping porch adjacent and the fireplace is so welcoming.  I like that there are no heavy drapes.  The light green on the walls and the blinds make for a cool, refreshing, and restful room.  Sometimes we just do not need drapes.  The issue is knowing when that time has come.

Another arch is over the niche which holds the soaking tub.  When the home was renovated, the owner resisted the urge to put glass walls around the shower.  Maybe there was a size or architectural restraint or maybe they wanted to keep with the integrity of the original design.  I love the light blue paint on the underside of the arch.

Spring in Charlotte is beautiful.  Azaleas rim the property in the side yard.

Love the down spouts on the side of the porch.  They just do not build them like this anymore.

This home that I featured a short time ago was built in 1914 and is in close proximity to the home we just viewed.


If you are lucky enough to live in a historic home, cherish it and preserve it for future generations.

Create and be happy!