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My friend, Becky, sent me photos of beautiful pumpkins that have been painted with sea life themes.  I think that they are just beautiful.  What do you think?


Kate McRostie created these delightful sea-inspired pumpkins.  According to Becky she has sold out of them on ETSY and I can certainly see why.  Maybe she will have time to do some more before Halloween? The idea of painting pumpkins and creating themed images is wonderful.  My favorite in the grouping above is the large turquoise pumpkin in the upper right….the one with the starfish.  I also think that the octopus has lots of personality.

I think that these pumpkins are real, but you could perhaps paint an image on artifical pumpkins.  I am already planning to use a white artificial one to make a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.  I will use a knife to take the top off of the pumpkin and then put a vase inside to hold white roses and eucalyptus like this:

This beautiful table is featured on the blog “dearLillie”

Notice that apples have been made into candle holders.

Here are some other ideas which feature pumpkins as vases.

DIY Pumpkin Flower Vase [Tutorial] : insert soup can into pumpkin and add water; place the flowers inside... so clever!:

featured on meaniegreen.blogspot.com

Carve out center of pumpkin, insert soup can and add flowers.

flowers in pumpkins. really like this - gorgeous idea for a fall wedding centerpiece:


These would make fantastic centerpieces for a fall wedding.

from Lushhome.com

I believe that this artifical pumpkin was cut in half, the flower arrangement added, and then the top nestled back into the flowers….really nice!

I have noticed that all thinks pumpkin are appearing in the markets lately.  I saw pumpkin flavored yogurt, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin muffins, etc.  Why not paint your pumpkin or use it to hold flowers for your table centerpiece?

Create and be happy!