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I would like to share pictures of our home all dressed up for Christmas.  Some of the decorations we have had for 40 years, some are works in progress, and some are new this year.

The Christmas tree displays all hand made ornaments.  Most were made by my mother.  She loved to take jewelry apart and use it to make jeweled ornaments. Here are a few of my favorites.



christmas 65


The next ornament is made from fabric that had been made into a formal for our next door neighbor’s daughter.  She gave the formal to me and I wore it.  Then, it was cut by my mother to make this beautiful ornament.  This is the ultimate in recycling.  If you have a family member who had a special dress but can no longer wear it, consider using the fabric to make an ornament that will be treasured every year.


christmas 63

christmas charlotte 8



christmas 26

My husband has been collecting doctor ornaments for years.  He chose his favorites and we added them to a second tree.

christmas 26 (2)

When decorations come out of the storage box, it is fun for me to find ways to display them in a new way.  This year, I “married” a green reindeer moss wreath with some silk hydrangea and here is the result.

christmas 27

I laid the wreath on top of the vase and put the stems of the silk flowers through the hole in the middle.  It took maybe three seconds.

christmas charlotte 7

Likewise, I put some artificial greens in a vase.  I like the look of greens inside of the house.  Sometimes, artificial greens are just as nice as real ones.  They last longer!

christmas 25

In the front hall is a book case.  I like to put these blown glass flower ornaments on the shelves.   The bulbs and sea shells have been company for each other for a year.  I did not want to put the ornaments away last January.

christmas 24

I love sea shells so much, I put this one in the center of the mantel.  Tucked into the greens are fresh fruit and artificial fruit.

christmas 40

christmas 56

I learned from watching a craft program that epsom salts resemble snow.  I filled this hurricane globe and added the glittery reindeer and the tree.  Martha Stewart said to use rock salt on a program last week.  I like to think that Martha learned this from me!


I made these stars were made from coffee filters.  Who knew?

christmas in charlotte 5

Put anything under a glass dome and it instantly looks important.  This little cardboard church is a favorite of mine.  Looks like it needs a paint job!

christmas in charlotte 7

The Fontanini nativity figures are a collection that belongs to my husband.  Once we were at Walt Disney World Village around Christmas and the grandson of the founder was there signing figures.  His name is, “Marco Fontanini.

The santos doll was the right size to put in front of this mirror.  Since she is an angel she is a perfect for Christmas.

christmas in charlotte 6 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made this wreath from book pages a few years ago.  I like it so much it stays over the bed all year round.

photo (60)

The stocking is an addition to this year’s Christmas decorations.  I made two from linen and brown velvet.  The pin on this one belonged to my mother.  I remember saving my 50 cent a week allowance to buy it for her.

christmas 65 (2)


We have a sweet family member who sends one White House ornament every year.  The White House Historical Society sells them to fund projects within the home.  They make a wonderful gift.

christmas 66

The green ornament in the center was made from fabric in a bridesmaid’s dress.



I will be taking a holiday from the blog for a while.  It is time to concentrate on the babe in the manger.

Be happy!