It is that time of year!  The HGTV Dream House is going to a lucky winner.  The prize package includes one fully furnished dream house on Martha’s Vineyard, one vechicle and $250,000.00.  The whole package is worth two million dollars.  Of course I register every day and I did think about not mentioning it on this blog because I thought I might be increasing my odds by telling more people about it.  But, I decided that the home is too beautiful to not share with people. If you should win it and not me, then perhaps you will invite me and my family for a visit.  We would promise to leave after a month or two!

I have always been attracted to blue and white rooms and to pretty much all things blue and white.  We have been eating off of blue and white willow ware dishes for forty-two years now.  I am not tired of them yet.  So, when I saw the color scheme of this year’s dream home, I became instantly fond of it.  Enjoy these photos taken from the HGTV official site.  It is fully furnished and FABULOUS!

Certainly part of the charm of this year’s house is the area where it is built.  I have never been to Martha’s Vineyard, but it looks spectacular!

It is o.k. to dream.  We might as well dream BIG.  Shakespeare had it right when he said, “…it is such stuff as dreams are made of.”

Create and be happy!