On Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. our family welcomed a newborn little girl!  For those of you who really do not know me, you must forgive this nod to family.  I have only had four days in my entire life when we welcomed a grandchild.  It is cause for celebration!  Maybe a little bragging?

When I was a teenager you could buy photo albums with the initials, “S.O.G.W.P.I.P.”  That stood for, “Silly Old Grandmother With Pictures In Purse.”  At that time, when I was so young, I thought that grandmothers who constantly showed pictures of their grandchildren were boring.  Now, I cannot imagine not stopping total strangers.  Just today, I showed her picture to a group of ladies at a meeting, the cashier at Publix, and I ran after the mailman but he was too fast for me.

When grandchild #1 was born, I took pictures with me to the airport so I could look at them in the airport waiting room, on the plane, and in the taxi on my way to see her in Chicago. I showed them to random passengers, flight attendants, and the taxi driver.

Just last month I got to take Grandchild #1 shopping for the first time in the big city of Chicago.  I asked, “Do you want a toy or a new dress?”  Her eyes brightened and she replied, “…a new dress!”

We found four that she liked and took them to the dressing room.  They all looked beautiful on her.  Trying to be a good grandmother, I said, “You need to choose the one you like the best and I will buy it for you.”

“How could I pick, Nana? They are all so wonderful?  She rubbed the fabric on her sweet cheek and told me how soft and wonderful it was.  We bought all four! If her mother does not expect irresponsible behavior then she shouldn’t let me take her shopping!

Her little brother is the only boy!  There were eleven girls born into our family before he came.  My husband rejoices because he can buy toy trucks and tractors. Until he came I had no idea of how sweet little boys can be.

So, what kind of a grandmother would I be if I did not show you a picture of the newest little one?  Get ready!  It is really good!

clara newborn in hospital

I can hear the a-h-h-h-‘s and the o-h-h-h-h-‘s.

On Monday her big sister went to the hospital to meet her for the first time.

amelia and baby sister

I stayed the night with Granddaughter #2 before she went to meet her new baby sister. I got to choose her dress for the occasion.  The dress she is wearing is one that her mother wore when she was that age.  Did I mention that I tend to keep everything?

Actually, Granddaughter #2 said something quite profound just before her baby sister was born.  I was showing her a picture of an ultrasound and she pointed to a place on the photograph and asked, “Is that her dress, Nana?” I never thought of that as an option before.

amelia and baby sistr

Later on this month, the Chicago grandchildren will be coming to meet their new cousin.  You can expect at least one more blog post with pictures of all four of them….maybe a picture of all four with me, and if they are lucky, I will let their parents be in at least one picture.  Until all are united, here is a picture of Grandchild #1 and her little brother.

05-IMG_323901-IMG_3210 (2)


I am just a S.O.G.W.P.O.C.  (Silly Old Grandmother With Pictures On Computer).

Be a Nana and be happy!