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Now that the weather is cooling down, perhaps you are planning a camping trip.  I am not a camper, but I recognize a good idea when I see one. While looking at my e-mail on AOL the other day, I noticed an interesting article with some good ideas for camping.  After I posted the ideas to this blog, I decided to look for some rustic decorating ideas.  Apparently, they are called, “rustic chic.”  So, I will end the blog with some great photos of rustic chic rooms.  Enjoy!

Camping hacks

Camping hacks

Use the coffee from your new toilet paper carrier to make instant coffee pods. Put one scoop into a coffee filter, tie with floss, and enjoy a freshly brewed cup in minutes.

Camping hacks

Wash out an empty laundry detergent dispenser, fill it with water, and keep soap and a towel handy for when you need to wash up.  This might be a good idea for when you work outside or when the children play outside.

 Camping hacksStrap an old belt to a tree, and use hooks to hang up your pots and pans. Again, this could work for strapping anything that you have outside that you do not want to misplace.
Camping hacksDon’t lug the whole bag of coal over to your fire – use an egg carton to get those flames going.  This could be adapted for your home grill.
Camping hacksGive your matches a coat of shellac, and they’ll still light even when damp.
Camping hacksWhat’s cheaper than a flashlight and doesn’t need batteries? A glass jar with a glow stick in it.  You could use the same trick while sitting out on your patio or porch.
Camping hacksAll you need is a tin can, some foil, charcoal and a grilling rack to roast your dogs
Camping hacksIf moderation is just not your thing, cook 15 dogs at once with a rake roaster (after you hose off the leaves).  I think I might want to do more than hose it off with water!

Camping hacksNo fancy transportable speakers required in the great outdoors — all you need is a ceramic cup that fits your iPhone and it’ll amplify the sound.
 I do love to look at rustic chic ideas for decorating.I’m thinking that with no insulation, it may be a room for only nice weather.Gorgeous Living Room! Love the Beautiful Rustic Ceiling, the cottage chic decor…..Beautiful!

Notice the table that has been made from the trunk of a tree.

For the right party, I might go to the trouble to string a line between trees and hang some burlap curtains like this:

Great use of an old rake to store wine bottles.  More home storage ideas http://thegardeningcook.com/diy-home-storage-projects/

Need a new headboard?

Rustic chic bedroom... I like how the headboard and bench "match" and tie the whole look together

Turn pallets and concrete stepping stones  into a bar for the patio

Turn pallets and stepping stones into a bar for the patio.

pallet turned into a bench

Pallet turned into a bench.

Pallet table

Pallet turned into a table.

Vintage-Inspired Inglewood Cottage rustic-bedroom

from Tumbleweed and Dandelion.com

Headwaters Camp Cabin, Big Sky, Montana rustic-kitchen

Dan Joseph Architects

Enjoy the fall weather and the great out of doors. Create and be happy!