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I have enjoyed Traditional Home Magazine for at least twenty five years.  This month’s issue really spoke to me.  I especially liked the article on page 68 (September 2016), which is entitled, “Southern Sweetheart.”  The home featured is in Macon, Georgia and is the “smaller sister” of mansions which are built on the street.

It is painted coral-pink with green shutters and locals refer to it as, “The Barbie Cottage,” because of the color.

I enjoyed it because of the color outside and within the house and also because of the many collections which are displayed in most rooms.  The owners have collected everything from African masks to silhouettes.  All of the pictures below are taken from Traditional Home Magazine.

The trim on the porch was probably applied in the 1870’s or at the turn of the 20th century. The house is dated 1854. I would never have thought of painting my home coral and green, but it works so well!

Pictured above are home owners Joe and Evelyn Adams.  He is a realtor and artist.

The twelve foot ceilings give them lots of room to display their art and collectibles.

Above you can see Aftican Kuba cloth on the pillows and a 17th century Belgian tapestry hanging in the background.


I am guessing that maybe the paintings were done by the home owner.

The kitchen seems to be in keeping with the age of the house.  The island is recycled beadboard with a stainless-steel top.  Note the original 1870’s brick fireplace.

Above I see tole trays, brass candlesticks, silhouettes, toile pillow fabric, antlers…all collections.

Love the Greek key design painted on the white washed floor.  Such a pretty sunroom!

The muted tones of the master bedroom are a wonderful backdrop for an antique marble mantel and the antique furniture.

A former bedroom was converted into the master bath.

This guest bedroom features Napoleon themed objects.

A cabin behind the house was Joe’s studio before he moved to a commercial space.

Sometimes I get caught up in the pictures of homes where everything is gray and white…very minimalistic.  But, then when I see a home like this one with color and collections that are so interesting and personal, I am satisfied.  What would you do with your great grandmother’s chair or your aunt’s lamp if you did not have a home where they could be presented so beautifully?  Treasure your vintage treasures.  Display them proudly.

Create and be happy!