Our daughter, Beth, decided over a year ago that she would like to make a light fixture out of shed antlers.  She went to the family farm and found some in the barn.  They had been found in the pasture over time and had all migrated to a pile there.  She studied antler chandelier photos like these:

Stone Fireplace Reflects Lodge Style - House Plan 1411 -The Tasseler

Rustic Bathroom Ideas #Rustic

On this Ralph Lauren antler chandelier have been hung crystal prisms.

Ralph Lauren Home's Stag Chandelier combines naturally shed antlers with crystal to define rustic glamour

Beth set out to find a way to stack the antlers, or wire them together.  That didn’t seem to be nearly as difficult as finding a way to actually wire the light fixture so that the cord couldn’t be seen or if it was seen, how to make it as unrecognizable as possible.  The antlers stayed in the work room on a table for the spring, summer, and the fall of 2014.  But, by Christmas of 2014 she had a plan.  Sometimes the most simple answer is the best.  She simply drilled holes in the antlers and inserted candles to make some really nice candle holders for the Christmas table.

photo (77)

Now, she has a pair of candle holders that will be nice for lots of gatherings.  All she needed was a drill, two candles, and some antlers.  She can change up the color of the candles, add gourds and pinecones beneath, maybe even channel Ralph Lauren and hang crystal prisms.

Do you have a project that has been left undone because you cannot figure out how to do it?  Don’t wait any longer.  Where there is fear there is no creativity.  Good luck.

Create and be happy!