Lately, so many of the shelter magazines feature neutral décor.  While it is an art to design an interesting looking home in beige, white, cream, or taupe, it is not for everyone.  I came across this lovely home and was struck by how colorful it is on the inside.  For those of you who like bold color, this one is for you.  It is for sale in Charlotte, North Carolina.

From the outside, the home could not be more traditional.  The red brick with black shutters and white trim is very attractive, but the color combination would not stand out in your memory.

Step into the foyer and you begin to see the color fiesta that awaits.  The taupe entry is next to a colorful dining room.  H-m-m-m-m!

Enter the living room and admire the green walls, magenta drapes, patterned carpet, and study the zebra print on the chair in the art.

On the other side of the hall, the persimmon dining room, will stimulate your appetite and your senses. Love the colorful lady peering through opera glasses in the painting.

The family room is more neutral but with a pop of blue velvet on the chair seats.  We will see that same blue in other rooms.

Here the kitchen is neutral.  But wait!  There is a surprise around the corner.

Another large painting brings the same blue as in the chairs to the kitchen wall along with the red chairs which reinforce the color strategy.  And…

the floor cloth must have been painted by someone who loves color.  The paints on the cloth are the colors used in the décor.  This floor cloth makes me wonder if the artist also did the wonderful paintings we have just seen.

Maybe the home owner wanted the bedrooms to remain serene.  This bedroom is a study in white and cream.

The master bath is also neutral.  I would have expected blue and orange towels!

But the child’s bedroom does not disappoint. If I told you I wanted to paint your bedroom green with a pink ceiling and red print valance on the drapes, and a turquoise glider you might wonder.  Here it is and it is so attractive.

I am guessing that this is the guest room.  The burgundy drapes match colorful print pillows on the bed.  Add some black and the room is sophisticated.

The party is on the porch with this area rug and chair cushions and table cloths.  Notice the plum wicker.

This blue umbrella is fabulous.  I have never seen a patio umbrella cover in this vibrant shade of blue.

In case this lovely home piqued your interest for color, here are some more creative and colorful rooms.

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My favorite colorful room belongs in the home of fashion icon Tory Burch.  I love the proportion, furniture placement, and those gorgeous silk taffeta drapes.

Below is Tory Burch’s porch at her home in the Hamptons.  I think that I am in love.

Next is Tory Burch’s New York City Apartment living room.

Tory Burch’s apartment showcases green velvet on the walls.

Tory Burch at home in Manhattan:

The green room in the Tory Burch boutique at 797 Madison Avenune is similar to her own living room.

Could these hydrangea be any prettier?

Tory Burch flagship store:

Three things to think about.  1.  Pay attention to how boutiques/stores are decorated and take the ideas that you see home with you.  2.  If you are too afraid to paint your walls orange or green, use pops of color in your throw pillows, accessories and flowers. 3.  Where there is fear, there is no creativity.  Don’t be afraid to use color.

Create and be happy!