A few months ago photos of Tom Brady’s and Michelle Bundchen’s NY apartment caught my attention on AOL.  I bookmarked it to look at later.  Now that the Super Bowl 49 is history, this seems like a good time to share the photos with you.  I think it looks just like what I would expect an apartment belonging to a super model and her famous quarterback husband to look like.  At the time these photos were taken the couple had not yet moved there, but it is reported to have been decorated like this for them. See what you think.

On Top of the World

Cloud Nine

Gold Plated

Gray Scale

Finishing Touches

Tray Chic

Bright Idea

Vein Attraction

Form Over Function

Hall Monitor

Play Date

Elephants in the Room

Baby Steps

Master Sweet

Bedside Manner

Bare All

Dare To Bare

Vanity Plates

Pattern PlayColor Coordinates

Making Scents

Soak It In

Faucet Fabulous

All photos came from a site named, “Lonny.”  I would think that the minimalist lines of this apartment and the serene colors would be just the thing you would need after a hectic day.  Let the lesson here be to decorate your home so that it gives you rest when you are there.

Create and be happy!