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I have never been there, but plenty of the hosts of HGTV shows have.  Also, lots of bloggers go there, too.  What is Round Top?  It is one of THE best country style flea market/antique shows in the country.  Located between Houston and Austin on Highway 237, it attracts buyers from all over the country. The physical address is: 475 S Hwy 237 Round Top, Tx 78932.  The next show is the 47th and will be held October 1,2,3,4.

Most of the year, there are only 77 people who live in the town.

There is a little bit of everything there.  In fact, if you can’t find it there, you just don’t need it.

Joni Webb, author of the wonderful blog Cote de Texas has been there.  Here are some of the things that she fancied.

Once upon a time, we lived on the base at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.  I couldn’t find a single flea market or antique shop on the base.  Pictures like these were all I had to indulge myself.

The tent city must be really fun to explore.  I am told that it can take up to one hour to go through one tent.

The show has spread to other locations in the area.  Marburger Farms is a destination for people who are more interested in European antiques, according to Joni.  Here is a scene from just one of the large tents there.

There were antique books by the yard.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

The sisters who write the blog Providence Design are on their way.  Mona Thompson and Talena Ray go there every year and blog about the treasures that they find.


This year they are asking their clients to give them a shopping list.


Last year the sisters bought some great items for their business in Little Rock:







photo.JPGbench-with -stretcher.jpg

You just cannot find these things everywhere!

Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show Fixer Upper takes a team of people to the show to buy things for her shop, Magnolia, in Waco, Texas.

It looks like you need a good wagon or cart, a sun hat, a pocket full of cash, and a great attitude.

My sister introduced me to the wonders of garage sales.  The first time I went with her early on a Saturday morning, I found a depression glass platter for only a dollar.  The same platters were selling for more than $30 at area antique shops.  It did not take me long to figure out that the garage sale/flea market mentality was a very good thing.  One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure.

So, I am ready to go to Round Top.  It would be too late to make a reservation at the new resort run by Shabby Chic creator Rachel Ashwell.  The Prairie is comprised of multiple buildings.  Here is Rachel on the porch of one.

As long as you spend the day at the antique market in a field chasing after wonderful items, you might as well spend the night at a beautiful resort that is furnished with the same sort of treasures.

The Prairie has multiple cottages where you can stay.  The Liliput Lodge features a charming bedroom:

Cornflower Cottage has a big comfy bed waiting for you after a long day at the antique fair:

The Ranger’s Lounge is a building where you can go to relax with other guests:

I am adding Round Top to my bucket list.  I don’t know whether to put it above a trip to Provence or just below a trip to Provence in order of importance.

I hope that you have or will develop a love for things that have been loved before.  They add soul to a home and they give you a sense of satisfaction years later.  I remember the day I bought my depression glass platter, the fact that I shared a nice morning with my sister, and that I was in Iowa, the state where I was born. We went out early for breakfast that day and laughed when we got lost in a small Iowa town.  The fact that I saved money is merely a small part of the tale.

I am thinking that one year my two daughters and I must go to Texas for the big show!  It probably wouldn’t matter if we actually bought something.  The memories would be enough.  Of course, lots of great “stuff” would be a terrific bonus!

Create and be happy!