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Recently I accompanied my husband when he went to Seattle, Washington for a medical meeting.  The time that we spent there was filled with lectures, receptions, meetings, dinners, luncheons, and the spouses even spent a morning volunteering at a food bank for the homeless.  I had to take fifty-nine suitcases and have up to three changes of clothes per day.  One of those statements is true.  I had hoped to visit some friends in the area but there was no time.

I had limited time to visit some beautiful Seattle sites and I want to share with you.  I hope that you will enjoy a mini visit to Seattle, Washington.

First we must take a look at the work of Dale Chihuly.  He is a glass artist who resides in the area.  In the shadow of the Space Needle is the largest exhibit in the world of his glass art.   The guide told us that Mr. Chihuly visits the facility often…he comes for lunch at the cafeteria.

I will let his work speak for itself:

The following picture is the ceiling of an all white room.  You may have seen something similar in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Chihuly glass is often installed in botanical gardens. I had seen his work before at the Chicago Botanical Garden. Our guide told us that the outside glass is made thicker to withstand the elements.

Once upon a time we lived north of Seattle on Whidbey Island.  Not too far from our home was a shop named, “The Lavender Heart.”  Holly Anderson sold botanical arrangements from the store. Victoria magazine along with other magazines made regular pilgramages there to photograph what she had created.  From the entire ceiling of the shop hung bunches of dried roses.  It was singularly one of the most beautiful things that I ever saw.  When I heard that she has a shop called the, “Lavender Heart,” in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, I had to go visit.

This is the owner and artist, Holly Anderson:

A basket of lavender heart shaped soap is special.

I fell in love with this black cameo soap from Spain.  I have never seen anything like it before.

After the Lavender Heart, and an emersion in the sights and scents of this delightful shop,  my husband joined me for a trip down to the Pike Street Market.  It is on the waterfront and is a place where I would shop regularly for food and flowers if I lived there.

Sellers have some fun….they like to throw the fish…


pike mkt 12


pike mkt 4

The ornamental cabbages above are most likely available in your area this fall.

pike mkt 1

pike mkt mushrooms

pike mkt 2

If you are able to visit Seattle, be sure to see the Chihuly Glass Exhibit, the Lavender Heart, and the Pike Street Market.  They will give you a wonderful idea of what the great Northwest has to offer.

Create and be happy!